Trust International presents its Clevergreen initiative for the creation of sustainable solutions and products | Technology

With the Clevergreen initiative, the company has managed to reduce the use of plastic by 16% in 2020 just by reducing the size of the boxes of its GXT headphones.

International Trust, a leading brand in digital accessories, continues to bet on creating numerous projects that seek rreduce the environmental impact of your products.

Thanks to your Clevergreen initiative, and according to the words of Allard boer, the CFO of Trust, “the company is working to significantly reduce waste and plastics used in our products and packaging, making greater use of materials from renewable sources. It is also our goal to improve recycling and optimize our processes and operations to reduce our carbon footprint ”.

Trust is focusing its environmental strategy on making smart changes that can make an ecological difference, something that has already reached some milestones.

For example, today the manuals for most of your products are available in online version, so the company has removed the paper instruction manuals from the packaging.

Trust also has reduced the size of the boxes packaging of your products and are replacing and removing the plastic ear cushions, which has resulted in a 16% reduction in plastic use by 2020.

In addition, and with the aim that consumers have all the information related to the sustainability of the product, the company has introduced a ecological ratio system in its products and packaging.

For example, a ratio will be based on the use of FSC certified cardboard or in volume-optimized packaging plastic free, foam, PVC and polystyrene. The highest ratio will apply when the packaging is the most respectful of the environment and the product itself is made from recycled materials.

Atlanta computer bag, Trust’s first Clevergreen product made from recycled materials

Within the framework of the Clevergreen initiative, Trust has announced the first product made with recycled material: the Atlanta eco laptop bag.

It is a bag for our laptop totally respectful with the environment, since it is made from 18 PET plastic bottles.

Accessories, peripherals and personal belongings can be safely stored in their compartments as you go from home to work in this new era of the hybrid work model.

The origin of the materials used have been verified according to thel Global Recycling Standard (GRS), which means that the fabric supplier has the GRS certificate and the transaction certificate (TC) for each proof of shipment to which the fabric is submitted, it is certified that, indeed, comes from recycled materials.

“Continuing with the traditional method is not an option. We must pay special attention to the planet and the people involved in our ecological system. It is our responsibility and ambition to design sustainable products, operate and offer consumers sustainable, accessible and smart choices, ”says Boer. “It is not something that can be achieved immediately. It is a continuous effort and we are committed and in collaboration with our partners and suppliers to carry out these intelligent changes in our chain of production, operations and product ranges ”.

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