It will be next Tuesday when the President of the United States visits the border with Mexico to review the progress in the construction of the border wall.

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Washington.- The president of United States, Donald trump, will visit next Tuesday the border with Mexico to « inspect the Wall« in Arizona, a key state in the November elections where it will boast progress in one of its biggest and most controversial electoral promises, the building of that bordering barrier.

A source from the White House informed Efe this Friday of the plans of the president, who will travel to the town of Yuma (Arizona) to « celebrate that 200 miles (322 kilometers) of the Wall frontier ».

The Trump government has so far built 210 miles (338 kilometers) of a steel fence – not a Wall of concrete- in the border area, equivalent to 10.6% of the almost 3,180 kilometers of border with Mexico.

Of those 210 miles, only 16 (26 kilometers) have been erected in border areas where United States had no fence until now: the vast majority of « Wall« The one Trump presumes is a replacement and modernization of gates installed years ago, according to May data from the US Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP).

However, the building of the Wall It was a key electoral promise in 2016 for Trump, and his visit to the border will come just three days after he reactivated his campaign for reelection with a massive rally this Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

« In Yuma, President Trump will receive a report on the general situation of the construction of the wall on the southwest border. Later, he will participate in a round table on border security with members of the local community and elected leaders, » the source said. White House, who requested anonymity.

Next, Trump will visit a section of the border fence « and thank the Border Patrol and security forces for their tireless efforts, » said the official, who insisted that the president « is fulfilling his promise » to « build a robust system. of Wall frontier ».

« That system keeps our country safe and also combats the despicable trafficking in persons and the exploitation of children and vulnerable populations by the cartels, » he added.

After his visit to the border, in which he will be accompanied by the leaders of various immigration agencies in the country, Trump will travel to Phoenix (Arizona) to give a speech to the conservative organization Turning Point USA.

Trump promised last year that he would build 400 miles (644 kilometers) of the border barrier by the end of 2020 and, although his government has accelerated the building of the steel fence, it is not clear that he can reach his goal before the end of December.

In May, CBP stated that it is building or replacing an additional 196 miles (315 km) of border barrier and that another 360 miles (579 km) are in the « pre-phase building«