Minneapolis, United States.

The American President, Donald trump, warned that his government will stop “in its tracks” violent protests against police brutality and racism and blamed the “extreme left” on them, as thousands of people took to the streets on Saturday and another night of unrest was anticipated.

“We cannot and should not allow a small group of criminals and vandals to destroy our cities and cause devastation in our communities,” he said. Trump after the riots of the previous night in the city of Minneapolis.

“My administration will stop mob violence. And we will stop it dead in its tracks.”

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The president said that “unruly, looters and anarchists” were dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, an African American who died during his arrest in Minneapolis on Monday and who has become a new symbol of police brutality against black people in the United States.

“Violence and vandalism is being directed by Antifa and other radical leftist groups,” Trump said, referring to the network of anti-fascist militants.

The president called for “reconciliation, not hatred; justice, not chaos.”

Floyd’s death at the hands of a police officer has sparked a wave of protests in the United States. Photo: .

His comments came as crowds began to congregate in Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, and other cities, and authorities prepared for another night of violent protests.


Demonstrations in recent days have included looting and burning of public buildings.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced the mobilization of his state’s 13,000 National Guard troops, a deployment that has not been known since World War II.

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Walz warned of a “dangerous” situation looming on the streets on Saturday night, adding that he had requested the assistance of the defense secretary.

Military police units remain alert for possible intervention in Minneapolis, with a response time of four hours, the Pentagon said in a statement.

“We can send our soldiers to him very quickly,” he had said earlier. Trump at the White House.

Floyd’s death at the hands of a police officer has sparked a wave of protests in the United States. Photo: .

The military police are not authorized to intervene in the United States, except in the case of insurrection. That body has not been deployed since 1992, when it was summoned during the violent Los Angeles riots following the death by police of another black man, Rodney King.

The third-degree murder charges filed Friday against an officer for Floyd’s death failed to quell the anger of protesters against police racism, from New York to Los Angeles, on one of the worst nights of civil unrest in the United States in years.

Minnesota, epicenter of violence

Minnesota, in the north of the country, has become the epicenter of violence since George Floyd died in Minneapolis after an officer pinned him to his stomach for several minutes on the ground, pressing his knee to his neck.

That cop, Derek Chauvin, was charged Friday with third-degree murder, involuntary, and one count of wrongful death.

Floyd’s death at the hands of a police officer has sparked a wave of protests in the United States. Photo: .

But the charges failed to calm a nation shaken and accumulating deep wounds by racial inequality.

In Atlanta, police mobiles were attacked and set on fire in protests. In Washington, there were clashes at midnight with Secret Service agents during heated protests outside the White House.


In Minneapolis the curfew took effect on Friday night, after three nights of strong protests.

The looting on Friday was widespread, according to images that showed people leaving shops carrying products.

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“This is not about the Georg’s deathand. This is not about inequities that were real. This is about chaos, “Walz told reporters early Saturday.

But that opinion was not shared on the streets. “I need you to look me in the eye and feel me,” said protester Naeema Jakes. “This is pain, this is pain.”

Tougher charges

On Friday, the family of George Floyd, 46 years, to which Trump He reported calling, viewed the police arrest as a first step “on the road to justice,” although they called for tougher charges against Chauvin and the arrest of the other officers involved.

Chauvin is one of four officers fired from the police after the video showing the arrest on Monday of Floyd for allegedly trying to pay in a store with a fake $ 20 bill. The deceased appears handcuffed and lying on the street with Chauvin’s knee on his neck for at least five minutes.

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County Prosecutor Mike Freeman said the other three officers present when Floyd died were also under investigation, and anticipated that charges will be brought against them.