United States President Donald Trump has announced that he will include self-proclaimed organizationsanti-fascists on the list of terrorist organizations in retaliation for the riotsoccurred in the last two nights during the death protests during an arrest of the African American citizen George Floyd.

“United States of America is going to designate the ‘antifa’ as a Terrorist Organization”Trump has published through his official Twitter account.

The American presidenthas also congratulated the National Guard “for their great work”in his deployment in Minneapolis, where Floyd’s death occurred and epicenter of the protests. The National Guard arrived Saturday night in the Minnesota capital.

“The ‘antifa’ led by anarchists, among others, were stopped.The mayor should have done it the first night and there would have been no problem! “He argued.

Trump has thus warned“other cities and states governed by Democrats”of the “total closure imposed last night in Minneapolis by anarchists on the radical left”. “The National Guard did a great job and should be hired in other states before it’s too late!”

In addition, Trump has blamed the media for “doing everything possible to foster hatred and lawlessness.”“They are truly bad people with gross objectives”, he has assured.

The death this week of George Floyd in Minneapolis after spending almost nine minutes with his neck caught by the knee of the police officer Derek Chauvin has unleashedprotests, riots and looting in the most populous cityof the state of Minnesota, now under a state of emergency.

Throughout the nights of Friday and Saturday there have been protests and riots inthirty cities in the country, which have resulted in three deaths and hundreds of detainees.