The president of the United States, Donald Trump, denied on Wednesday the media reports that assure that he was taken for his security to the bunker of the White House, while protests took to the streets, assuring that he went to the place only for an inspection.

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“It was a false report,” Trump told Fox News radio, before explaining that he did enter the secure area, but only for a “short period of time.

According to The New York Times, citing an unidentified source described as the bearer of reliable information, the Secret Service bodyguards took Trump to the bunker on Friday night.

Outside in Lafayette Square, a crowd of people protesting police brutality confronted officers and started fires.

According to Fox News, Trump was taken to the bunker on Sunday.

The president said he had come down during the day, not at night, as reported, and that he did so in part to carry out an “inspection.”

“You go there, someday you may need it. You go there, I went down, I looked at him. It was during the day, it wasn’t a problem, ”he said.

“I read about it, like it was a big deal. There was never a problem, we never had a problem, nobody came close to giving us a problem. The Secret Service does an incredible job of maintaining control of the White House, “he added.

Reports that Trump took refuge sparked a wave of online teasing, which would have contributed to his decision Monday to take a controversial walk through Lafayette Park to visit the partially damaged St. John’s Church.

Police violently dispersed peaceful crowds of protesters to clear the way for Trump. To cap off his show of strength, the president stood outside the church to take photos of him holding a bible.