Washington, United States.

The President of United States, Donald trumpsaid on Friday that he had spoken to the family of George Floyd, the black man who died while he was being arrested, a fact that caused serious riots.

“I spoke to family members, excellent people,” he said at the White House. Trump was criticized for previous comments on Twitter in which he called the protesters “thugs” and warned that “when the looting begins, the shooting will begin.”

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In his latest comments, he said that he supported the peaceful protests. However, he warned: “We cannot allow a situation like the one that occurred in Minneapolis lead to more lawlessness and lawless chaos. “

“I understand the pain, I understand the pain. These people have really been through a lot. George’s family has a right to justice and the people of Minnesota You have the right to live safely, “he said.

Police who arrested Floyd are charged with murder

A policeman was arrested Friday and charged with murder for the death of the African-American. George Floyd and Minneapolis declared a curfew to curb the wave of incidents that ignited that city.

The policeman who put his knee against the neck of Floyd He was arrested and charged with third-degree murder, authorities said.

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The agent “Derek Chauvin he has been charged by the prosecutor’s office … with murder and involuntary manslaughter, “prosecutor Mike Freeman told reporters, adding that the first charge is third-degree murder.

Chauvin is one of four officers fired from the police after the video showing Floyd’s arrest on Monday for allegedly trying to pay at a store with a fake $ 20 bill. The deceased appears handcuffed and lying on the street with the Chauvin’s knee on his neck for at least five minutes.