The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has assured this Monday that coronavirus “is well contained” in the White House after two positives have been confirmed among West Wing staff, that of one of his personal assistants and that of Katie Miller, the vice president’s press secretary, Mike Pence.

“I think it is really well contained,” Trump said during a press conference, while adding that the White House “is really doing a very good job of keeping an eye on it”. Questioned about how surveillance systems have failed and how infected personnel have been exposed to others within the White House, Trump has assured that “it can happen”. “It can happen. It is the hidden enemy”, he has settled.

However, the US president has defended that “many people” work in the White House and that only one case has been detected. “We have a lot of people in the White House (…) basically we have had one”, he said, not acknowledging the positive of one of his assistants, a member of the Navy.

“We have a lot of people who work here. This building is impressive if you look at the numbers,” he said. In parallel, he has ensured that all people who enter the Oval Office are evaluated for whether they could be infected with Covid-19. “I have not felt vulnerable,” he detailed. In this sense, Trump has also assured that it is he who has required the use of masks in the White House. According to a document distributed this Monday, the personnel of the West Wing will have to use a mask to avoid more contagions by coronavirus.

“I have. I needed it,” he asserted, although he specified that, in his case, he is not “close to anyone.” “Obviously I am very far from everyone,” he said. On the other hand, Trump has confirmed that Pence has returned to give negative in the test to diagnose the coronavirus this Monday. Both the president and the vice president, who has been at the White House on Monday but not at the press conference, undergo the Covid-19 test daily.


Likewise, Trump announced Monday that he has approved funding for diagnostic tests for coronavirus destined for “states, territories and tribes” of the United States of $ 11 billion. “I said from the beginning that the government would support the states and help them develop their capacity to carry out tests and that is exactly what has happened,” said Trump, who has described the financing as “a great investment,” according to CNN television reported.

Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services Brett Giroir has said that for states to receive approved funds, they must have plans that include testing in “vulnerable communities.” “They must have plans for their vulnerable communities, including nursing homes, including those that are disabled, including those who are in prisons or who have work environments that may be more likely to spread the infection,” he said.


In parallel, Trump has criticized that the Americans “are dying” because of the preventive measures adopted to slow down the advance of the coronavirus pandemic and has defended the accusations made about the Democrats that they keep the states closed for “political reasons “, to reduce his chances of being reelected in the elections scheduled for November 3.

“People want to go back. The numbers are getting to a point where they can (open) and there doesn’t seem to be any effort in certain ‘blue’ (democratic) states to get back on track“The American president has indicated.” People will not tolerate it. They want to return. They will not tolerate it. They want our country open. I want our country open. I want it to open safely, “he added.

In this sense, he has also assured that social distancing measures are causing the death of American citizens due to drug addiction or suicide, but he has not provided any evidence to support his claim. The United States is the country most affected by the coronavirus. So far, it has confirmed more than 1.3 million cases of Covid-19 and deaths exceed 80,300..