The measure will be based on « merits » and will offer a path to citizenship for students, known as ‘dreamers’ or ‘dreamers’

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Florida.- The president of U.S, Donald Trump, said this Friday in an interview with the Hispanic network Telemundo that it will approve a immigration reform through an executive order based on « merits », which will also offer a path to citizenship for students known as « dreamers« 

The Republican, who visited Miami on Friday and met with the Cuban and Venezuelan community, told journalist José Díaz Balart that he would approve this reform by executive order, although he also indicated that it would be « a great bill. »

However, the Hispanic chain specified that later the president said that it would be through an executive order.

The Republican did not offer details about the initiative or the challenges that an executive order would face to change the immigration system, which is the power of the Congress of U.S.

The last time a immigration reform It was close to becoming a reality in the US Congress was in 2013, under the government of Barack Obama (2009-2017).

On that occasion, a bipartisan bill was approved in the Senate and was stalled in the House of Representatives, then a Republican majority, before the reluctance of the then president of that house, the conservative John Boehner, to call it to a vote.

Trump’s announcement comes three weeks after the Republican’s defeat at the Supreme Court of U.S, which prevented him from eliminating the Deferred Action program (DACA), which protects undocumented youth known as « deportation »dreamers« 

The decision implies that the Government must allow the renewal of permits for some 650,000 immigrants covered by DACA, created under an executive order in 2012 by then President Obama.

« I am taking charge of DACA, » the Republican told Telemundo.

« DACA it’s going to be fine, in the next few weeks I’m going to sign a big executive immigration order and I’m going to include DACA, the Supreme Court has given me power to do so, it will be part of a great law on merits and will include DACA and people are going to be very happy, « said the Republican.