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Trump reacts to the election of Kamala Harris by insulting her and says he is surprised that Biden chose her

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President Donald Trump reacted on Tuesday to the election of Kamala Harris as the running mate of Democratic candidate Joe Biden with insults and pejorative terms towards the senator and former presidential candidate.

« I was surprised that he chose her »said Trump during a press conference at the White House, as he says, « It was very, very bad in the primaries. »

Harris had less than 9% support in the last month he was in the race.

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In addition, Trump said that Harris was « disrespectful » and « dirty, disgusting » (nasty) in his dealings with Biden when they disputed the Democratic nomination. The president’s campaign issued a statement saying Harris « called Biden a racist and asked for an apology that he never received. »

What does the Trump campaign mean by this?

Harris, who was California attorney general before becoming a senator, harshly criticized Biden during a debate in June 2019.

He reproached him for having voted against a practice that facilitated the integration of black and white students in the 1980s and 1990s, and although Harris clarified that he was not calling it « racist, » the tone of that discussion hurt Biden’s image and boosted Harris’s profile as someone who could fearlessly face the favorite in the race.

Months later, after exiting the White House race in December 2019, Harris endorsed the former vice president. And while some of those criticisms made Biden’s campaign momentarily question how loyal Harris would be and whether his own presidential ambitions could be a hindrance, they are now using that rivalry to an advantage.

A new nickname

Trump also attacked Harris for voting against the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavannaugh during his hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

That confirmation was very controversial and polarizing: Liberals in the country vehemently opposed his being confirmed for a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court and thus restricting the rights of LGBTQ people, the right to abortion, and others. Important issues for Democrats. For Trump and the Conservatives it was their favorite, for precisely the same reasons.

Harris was « nasty » with Kavanaugh, the president told reporters. « I will not forget that. »

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President Donald Trump speaks during a press conference at the White House

That nasty insult was the same one Trump used in 2016 against then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. It is an insult that he uses almost exclusively against women.

Since launching his first presidential campaign in 2015, Trump has resorted to using nicknames to denigrate his opponents. To Biden he’s Sleepy Joe, to Senator Bernie Sanders he’s Crazy Bernie. Now that Harris will be a major target of attack between now and November, he has given her a nickname too: False Kamala.

In a video posted by the campaign for the president’s reelection, a voice says: “The voters rejected Harris. They wisely identified someone fake. But not Joe Biden. He’s not that smart … Slow Joe and Fake Kamala. Perfect for each other, lousy for the United States. « 

Why do you call it « fake »?

Two reasons: for having attacked Biden and now supporting him and because they seek to accuse her of wanting to « hide her career as attorney general » to appease the so-called « anti-police » radicals. This is how Trump and his campaign refer to those who protest against systemic racism in the police and who seek reforms to make law enforcement more just.

Why That May Not Work For Trump

For Biden’s campaign however, as he has put it himself, they prefer someone in their inner circle who is not afraid to tell them when they disagree.

This is in contrast to Trump’s strategy in hiring his Cabinet and his advisers: people who agree with him and who encourage him to follow his impulses, good or bad.