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Trump unveils a terrorist plan from Iran and sentences:

President Donald trump I affirm that U.S You are “a few weeks away” from getting a vaccine against COVID-19, specifying that it could be “three or four weeks”.

“If you want to know the truth, the previous government would have taken years perhaps to have a vaccine because of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and all permits. And we are just a few weeks away from achieving it (…) it could be three or four weeks, “said Trump during an event in ABC News.

However, he also expressed his conviction that, despite the failure to obtain a vaccine against the disease, the virus “It is going away”, an idea that has been repeated repeatedly since March. “It is going away. It is going away. I keep saying it ”, has riveted.

During the meeting, Trump addressed his management of the COVID-19 pandemic in the North American country and defended that he did not minimize the threat posed by the pandemic and that, instead, He “reinforced” it.

Trump faced criticism for his management of COVID-19 since the journalist Bob woodward revealed a series of recordings in which the president acknowledged “downplaying” the pandemic in March of this year.

The journalist tells in his new book, entitled ‘Rage’ (‘Rage’), that the president knew the dangerousness of the virus, that it was highly contagious, that it was more “deadly than even a very strong flu” and that, despite this, he repeatedly publicly downplayed it.

According to the president, he “always” wanted to “downplay” the pandemic because, in his opinion, the job of a president is “to keep the United States safe” and, also in March, he pointed out that he “still” liked to minimize the threat because did not intend “Create panic”.

However, Trump indicated that he did not minimize the pandemic. “Well, I didn’t minimize it,” Trump has said. “In fact, in many ways, I reinforced her, in terms of acting. My performance was very tough ”, he assured, exemplifying his words with the travel ban issued by the United States against China and Europe in February and March.