Trump desperately tries to challenge Biden’s election

President Donald Trump and his allies are taking desperate measures to subvert the results of the last presidential election, including summoning state lawmakers to the White House to try to challenge Democrat Joe Biden’s victory.

Last-resort tactics include personal calls to election officials seeking to rescind the certification of votes in Michigan, hinting in a lawsuit that Pennsylvania ignored the popular vote and pressuring officials in Arizona to delay certification of the counts.

Election law experts say they are simply the dying gasps of the Trump campaign and that Biden will undoubtedly enter the Oval Office in January, but there are fears that Trump’s efforts will affect public confidence in the election. integrity of the elections.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney, one of Trump’s most outspoken critics, accused him of resorting to “pressure on state and local officials in order to subvert the will of the people and reverse the election.” He added that “it is difficult to imagine a more serious undemocratic action by a sitting US president.”

The Trump administration’s election security agency declared the 2020 presidential election the safest in history. Days later, Trump removed the head of that body.

These desperate and irrational measures have no reasonable chance of altering the outcome of the election.

Biden has obtained the most popular votes in history and has surpassed the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win, but the constant barrage of unfounded complaints, efforts to influence local officials who certify the votes, and the refusal of his allies To acknowledge their defeat will likely have a lasting negative effect on the country. Millions of his followers do not believe that he lost.

“He wants to create a situation where half the country believes there are only two possibilities, either they won or they stole the election,” said constitutional law professor Justin Levitt of Loyola Law School. “That is not a democracy.”

Two Republican electoral representatives in Wayne County, Michigan, said in a statement Wednesday night that they are not confident the election was fair and impartial.

“There has been a notable lack of transparency throughout the process,” they said, but election officials have said there is no evidence of fraud in Michigan.

Trump’s allies presumed tamper evidence that the president’s initial lead in Michigan and other states dissipated as other votes arrived.

However, the large number of votes by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic leaned towards Biden, who encouraged his supporters to vote that way and those were the last ballots counted. So Trump’s apparent advantage turned out to be short-lived.