Trump denounces a “witch hunt” after the imputation of his emporium and its financial director

Former United States President Donald Trump. (Photo: Brandon Bell via .)

Former US President Donald Trump has described the complaints made by prosecutors against the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, as a “witch hunt” on Thursday. “The political witch hunt of radical left Democrats, with New York now taking over, continues. You are dividing our country like never before! ”Trump wrote in a short statement.

This Thursday the Trump Organization and its financial director pleaded not guilty to the accusation filed against them by New York prosecutors for alleged tax crimes, which include grand theft, fraud, conspiracy and falsification of documents as part of an alleged plot of more than 15 years to evade taxes.

The businessman’s statements are in line with those made shortly before by his company, which denounced in a statement that Weisselberg is being used by prosecutors as a “pawn” in an attempt “to harm the former president.”

“The district attorney is filing a criminal employee compensation indictment that neither the IRS (the US tax authority) nor other prosecutors would ever think of filing. This is not justice, this is politics, ”said the company.

Eight years of tax returns

Trump has always defended his innocence and has repeatedly referred to open investigations against his organization by New York City Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance as a political witch hunt.

Last February, Vance scored a major victory, after a lengthy court battle, by grabbing eight years of tax returns and other documents from the former president’s tax history. The dis …

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