United States President Donald J. Trump. . / EPA / Oliver Contreras
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Washington, Sep 12 . .- US President Donald Trump challenged the rules on COVID-19 in Nevada this Saturday by holding the first of two mass rallies in that key state, in which he accused again the Democratic opposition to « rig » the November elections by facilitating mail-order voting.
Trump spoke to a few thousand people, the vast majority of them without masks, in the airport hangar of the small town of Minden, despite the fact that in Nevada events that congregate more than 50 people are prohibited, due to the risks of contagion of the coronavirus.
« The governor of your state has tried by all means to prevent us from having this event tonight, » Trump said, referring to Democrat Steve Sisolak.
The president’s reelection campaign was forced to cancel two rallies it had scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday in Reno and Las Vegas, respectively, after the Nevada authorities reminded them of the restrictions related to the pandemic in the state.
That did not intimidate Trump, who then scheduled a first rally at a small airport in Minden, in the west of the state, and a second event this Sunday in Henderson (near Las Vegas), at the headquarters of a company that local authorities They have already threatened a subpoena if he goes ahead with the event.
« This guy (the governor of Nevada) is the one we are trusting with millions and millions of votes. He can rig the elections, » Trump alleged in reference to Sisolak’s decision to send ballots to all registered voters in the state in case they wanted to. vote by mail.
« The Democrats are trying to rig this election » by voting by mail, stressed Trump, who insists on alleging that this method of voting can favor fraud, despite the fact that several studies have shown that this is extremely unlikely.
The rally, which lasted almost two hours, took place near the border with California, where several fires have been burning for weeks, and the air quality at the Minden airport was considered « unhealthy », but Trump took the opportunity to promote his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.
Trump also spoke especially to Latinos, assuring that some prefer him over the Democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, and predicted: « We are going to win a record proportion of the Hispanic vote in November. »
The president, who this Sunday will participate in a round table with Latinos in Las Vegas, lost the Hispanic vote by much difference in 2016, but some polls have shown that that sector of the population may be slightly more willing to support him than four years ago .
Trump’s visit to Nevada showed that he is serious about that state where no Republican has won a presidential election since 2004, and where Biden maintains an advantage of about 6 percentage points over the president.