Trump calls Biden the winner for the first time but then insists he does not concede victory: “I don’t recognize ANYTHING!”

The outgoing president of United Statesyes, Donald trump, admitted this Sunday the victory of his Democratic rival, Joe biden, in the elections of November 3, although he blamed it, without evidence, on an alleged fraud and immediately clarified that this does not mean that he acknowledges his defeat.

Biden “won because the Elections were rigged. VOTE OBSERVERS OR OBSERVERS were not allowed, the votes were counted by a privately owned Radical Left company, Dominion, with a bad reputation and deceptive team that couldn’t even meet the requirements for Texas (which I won by a lot!), the Fake Media and Quiet, and more! “Trump wrote on his Twitter account.

The media around the world began to headline that Donald Trump admitted defeat. Nothing is further from the intention of Trump, who after that message did not stop sending others, assuring that he did not give in, did not grant victory to his adversary. If that can be construed as a step back from Trump, it is too early to tell. Days go by and the transfer of power is complicated, despite the fact that Trump and his army of lawyers are reaping very little success in their denunciations.

On November 7, the projections of the main media in the country gave Biden the winner in the presidential elections, but Trump has not yet admitted his defeat and has devoted himself to spreading conspiracy theories on an alleged electoral fraud without providing evidence.

In a later tweet, the outgoing president insisted that he does not acknowledge his defeat: Biden “only won in the eyes of the Fake News Media. I do not recognize ANYTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a GREAT CHOICE!

So far Trump has barely achieved the odd minor victory in the courts, where he has suffered setbacks such as the one on Friday in two courts of Pennsylvania where six lawsuits presented by his electoral campaign were dismissed.

Altered in Washington

Meanwhile, there has been a che of violence in the capital of the United States between supporters of Donald Trump and groups in favor of Joe Biden. The clashes took place near the White House after a demonstration called by Republicans for the alleged electoral fraud; a demonstration that was intended to gather a million people, but ultimately only brought together several thousand.

Meanwhile, the president’s lawyer on Fox News again accused the Democrats. “This is the plan that Joe Biden was talking about, it is the biggest electoral fraud in the world. It is really good, but luckily we have discovered it,” he said. Rudy giuliani, former Republican mayor of New York. Giuliani assured that he had witnesses and that he could prove that there was fraud in the counting of the votes in Michigan specifically, but offered no further evidence.

Giuliani in a bizarre hypothesis in which, without showing any evidence, he linked Dominion with Venezuela, the deceased Hugo Chavez, the multinational Smartmatic (provider of electronic ballot boxes for the Venezuelan electoral system), China, the anarchist movement Antifa and philanthropist George Soros.

Obama regrets Trump’s position

Likewise, the former Democratic president Barack Obama, which presents his biography, regrets Trump’s position: “The three previous elected presidents have had help in the transition. Donald Trump has broken those bridges of collaboration,” he lamented.

Joe Biden remains silent about Donald Trump’s tweets, while the president, oblivious to the controversy, went to play golf. And it is that despite his feverish activity on Twitter this Sunday, Trump had no events scheduled on his agenda and he went to play at his golf club in Sterling (Virginia), while Biden attended mass in a church in Wilmington, in Delaware, your place of residence.

Joe Biden’s team points to Emily murphy, placed by Trump and manager of the General Services Administration, as the senior official who must formally recognize the president-elect, to end the obstruction of money and federal laws that must be awarded to the winner of the election.

Trump’s conspiracy theories

In his tweets, the outgoing president echoed a theory promoted on the internet by the movement QAnon, which is spreading baseless allegations that there was an electoral fraud linked to the company Dominion Voting Systems, manufacturer of the machines for counting the votes.

QAnon is an internet phenomenon promoting baseless theories, such as that the world is run by an organization of satanic pedophiles who, among other things, conspire to overthrow Trump or that the wildfires ravaging the American West were caused by activists. from Black Lives Matter (Black lives matter).