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The United States on Wednesday registered its worst day in number of infections since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the fact that the economic reactivation and the reopening of the states are still ongoing, the last few weeks have shown a worrying increase in the cases of COVID-19.

These are the main information for this Thursday, June 25:

Trump blames the tests for increasing cases. Numbers show it’s not the only reason for the explosive growthTwo Trump Secret Service members test positive after attending Tulsa rally Pause for economic recovery in the new epicenter of the pandemicTexas orders suspension of non-coronavirus surgeriesMiami has a positive case rate of 27%. The goal is for it to be less than 10%

Trump blames the tests for increasing cases. Numbers show it’s not the only reason for the explosive growth

The president reacted this Thursday to the explosive increase in coronavirus cases in various parts of the country, assuring that the growth is due to the fact that a large number of tests are being carried out.

Trump, who once again called the coronavirus a « Chinese virus, » wrote on Twitter that « cases are increasing due to the BIG TESTS » that the United States is conducting. « Meanwhile, the number of deaths (death rate) is decreasing, » he added.

And although in part I may be right, increased evidence is not the only explanation for the increase in cases.

In the state of Florida, which a few days ago exceeded the bar of 100,000 infections, the number of tests carried out increased 10% when comparing the last two weeks of June, going from 255,869 to 280,339 tests, according to information from the state Department of Health.

The number of positive cases, however, up 86%, from 15,644 cases in the week of June 11 to 17, to 29,047 infected in the week of June 18 to 24.

The same is true in Texas, another of the states most affected by the pandemic. If you compare the last two weeks, the tests increased by 28.5% (from 220,385 to 283,208), while positive cases grew 70% (from 15,953 to 27,164).

Trump said during his meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that he had asked his officers to decrease the number of coronavirus tests, in order to have fewer cases of contagion, something that the White House quickly came out to explain that it was a joke.

« I’m not kidding, » said the president later consulted about it. The country’s leading health experts, including government adviser Anthony Fauci, repeated this week before Congress that further testing is key to identifying new outbreaks of the virus, and said the United States is conducting more tests and not less, as the president suggested.

Two Trump Secret Service members test positive after attending Tulsa rally

At least two members of the Secret Service of President Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus after attending the Tulsa, Oklahoma rally last Saturday, June 20, where several people who worked in the organization were also infected.

The Secret Service ordered all its members who attended the event to carry out a mandatory 14-day quarantine, leaving dozens of agents at their homes.

The rally gathered around 6,500 people who gathered in a closed place. Many of them refused to wear a mask or maintained social distance from the rest of the people.

Pause for economic recovery in Texas

The explosive increase in cases of contagion of coronavirus in recent weeks has caused some states to decide to review their plans for economic recovery.

Among the states with the worst figures is Texas, which only this Wednesday experienced a number of infections greater than 10,000 cases.

In the face of this emergency, which also jeopardizes the capacity of the hospital response in this state, the governor, Greg Abbott, reported this Thursday that he will put a pause on the plan to reopen and reactivate the economy.

Businesses that had already been authorized to operate in the previous phases may remain open, as long as they meet the minimum health standards established by the State Department of Health.

« The last thing we want to do is go back and close business. This temporary hiatus will help our state contain the outbreak as we safely enter a new phase in reopening more business, » said Abbott.

« As we continue to work to contain the virus, I ask Texans to do their part to help contain the spread, washing their hands regularly, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing« he added.

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Graph showing cases of coronavirus infection in the United States since the start of the pandemic.

The current infection situation shows some differences from what happened two months ago: this time it is the south of the country that is the most affected. While in New York, the state most affected by the pandemic, this Thursday celebrate the lowest number of patients hospitalized for coronavirus, in Florida, Texas and ArizonaThey see the worst records since the disease came to this country.

Also, this time the sick are younger than two months ago.

In Texas, most new infections are people under the age of 30.

According to the CNN count, 13 states of the country reported this Thursday a 50% increase in the number of cases compared to the previous week. By contrast, a single state, Connecticut, reported a 50% drop in the number of patients.

Texas orders suspension of non-coronavirus surgeries

The governor of Texas also decreed on Thursday the suspension of all surgeries not related to the coronavirus to free up space in hospitals, which due to the increase in cases are close to collapse.

The order affects four counties in that state, where the cities of San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Austin are located.

« These four counties are experiencing a significant increase in people hospitalized for COVID-1 and today’s decision is a precautionary measure to ensure that hospitals in those locations have enough materials and beds to treat patients with coronavirus, » said Abbott.

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Graph with the total of hospitalizations for COVID-19 in the state of Texas.

Miami has a positive case rate of 27%. The goal is for it to be less than 10%

Positive cases in Miami-Dade County, Florida have a rate of 27%, when the goal is not to exceed 10%.

This county is where the cases of contagion have increased the most in Florida, which in turn is one of the states with the fastest growth in the spread of the virus in the last two weeks.

The Florida Department of Health reported Thursday that more than 5,000 new cases were registered on the last day, bringing the total number of infected to 114,000.

The rise has been attributed by Governor Ron DeSantis to farm workers, most of them immigrants, who reacted by accusing the authority of being wrong.

According to health experts, the increase in cases is due to a combination of more tests carried out with the reopening of the state in recent weeks, as well as the participation of thousands of people in protests against racism.