President Donald Trump said Friday that churches and other places of prayer are “essential” and asked the governors to allow their reopening “right now”, or he will do so by decree.

“The governors must do the right thing and allow these important and essential places of faith to open right now or for this weekend. If they do not, I will disallow the governors,” the president said in a conference from the White House.

The president stated that this Friday he gave the category of “essential” to all places of worship and prayer in the country and that “ministers, pastors, rabbis and other religious leaders will ensure that their congregations are safe while meeting and praying “

“Some governors have considered liquor stores and abortion clinics to be essential, but they have neglected churches and other places of worship, that is not right. So I am correcting this injustice,” he added.

The president indicated that this guide comes directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and said that if any governor calls him to ask him about this issue, “it will not be successful.”

In their recommendation guide, the CDC suggests that attendees maintain good hygiene, 6-foot social detachment, and the use of face masks.


More than a month ago, the CDC sent documents to the Trump administration that they had prepared with specific measures that different types of organizations could follow as they gradually reopen. The recommendations were for seven types of organizations, including schools, restaurants, and religious facilities.

Those drafts included detailed information for churches wishing to resume services with people in the temples, with suggestions that included keeping distance between parishioners and limiting the number of attendees.

Initially, the Trump government archived all the documents, but they were obtained by the press. Some health authorities censured the measure, saying organizations need recommendations that are based on science as much as possible while trying to reopen without causing coronavirus outbreaks.

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