US President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he has decided to “break” his country’s relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO), which he accuses of having mismanaged the health emergency of COVID-19, by To excessively believe the information provided by China. Read Seven Reasons for China-US Rivalry

Although he did not elaborate on it during a press conference, Trump’s announcement means the permanent suspension of his country’s contribution to the organization, now frozen and estimated to be between 400 and 500 million dollars a year, which is equivalent approximately 15% of the total budget of the agency.

Today, we will break our relationship with the World Health Organization, “Trump announced in a statement to the press from the White House, in which he did not accept questions.

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We have proposed detailed reforms that must be implemented and with which the organization must commit, but have refused to act, “said the magnate, who has indicated that they are going to” end our relationship with the WHO. “

Along these lines, Trump has regretted that China has “complete control” of the organization, “despite the fact that it only pays $ 40 million a year.”

Also, Trump has spoken of an unfair treatment for Washington. “The world needs answers from China about the virus. We need transparency. How is it possible that China did not let people leave Wuhan to go to other parts of the country, but allowed them to travel abroad?”

“They did not go to Beijing (the infected), they were able to freely leave the country and travel the world, including Europe and the United States,” he added.

Announces sanctions against China

In addition, Trump has announced that he will impose sanctions on some Chinese citizens and that he has ordered his government “to eliminate the exceptions that give Hong Kong different and special treatment” with respect to the Asian giant, including tariff benefits.

“Our actions will be strong, our actions will be significant,” the US president has said to reveal his reaction to the controversial Hong Kong National Security Law, recently passed in China.