President Donald Trump announced Saturday that he will postpone the Group of Seven meeting he planned to hold next month at the White House despite the current coronavirus pandemic, and noted that the bloc will be extended to include Russia, Australia. , South Korea and India.

On his return to Washington from Florida on Air Force One, Trump told reporters that he considers the current formation of the G7 “very obsolete” and that the block does not adequately represent “what is happening in the world.”

Trump said he does not have a new date set yet, but noted that the meeting could take place in September, more or less when the annual United Nations meeting is held in New York, or perhaps after the November elections in the United States.

Before the surprise announcement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office said Saturday that she would not attend the meeting unless the course of the coronavirus spread by then changes.

The rulers of the world’s major economies were originally scheduled to meet in June at Camp David, the resting place of US presidents, in the state of Maryland, but those plans were altered due to the coronavirus.

Trump announced in March the cancellation of the summit due to the pandemic and that the rulers would hold a video conference instead. However, the president changed his mind and said a week ago that he was again planning to hold a meeting with everyone in attendance.

“Now that our country is ‘in transition back to greatness,’ I am considering rescheduling the G7 for the same or a similar date, in Washington, D.C, at legendary Camp David,” Trump said in a tweet. “The other members are also starting to do their RETURN. It would be a great sign for everyone: normalization! ”

The G7 is made up of the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada. The presidency of the bloc is rotated each year by the member countries.