US President Donald Trump said on Friday that the Tulsa, Oklahoma city council has canceled its plans to impose a night curfew, which would have expelled dozens of supporters from the city center who have been camping for days to see him at a rally

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The announcement came less than 24 hours after the mayor of Tulsa, Republican George T. Bynum, announced that he would implement that curfew nightly every night from Thursday to Saturday, when Trump will star in a massive rally that defies his own government’s recommendations on the pandemic.

« I just spoke to the highly respected mayor of Tulsa, G. T. Bynum, who has informed me that there will be curfew tonight or tomorrow night for our many supporters who will attend the #MAGA rally (initials of the electoral slogan « Make United States great again « ). Enjoy! » Trump tweeted.

Dozens of Trump supporters have camped since Monday around the BOK Center, the stadium covered in Tulsa with capacity for 19,000 people, in which the president’s first rally in more than three months will take place this Saturday, since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The rally comes amid strong tensions related to the president’s stance in the face of the wave of protests against racism that the United States is experiencing, and that climate led the mayor of Tulsa to declare this Thursday a « civil emergency » in the city.

Bynum said he had received reports that « people from organized groups who have been involved in destructive and violent behavior in other states plan to travel to Tulsa to cause disturbances around the rally. « 

Trump responded to that information with a threat to the protesters, whom in recent weeks he has branded as « anarchists » and even « terrorists », without distinguishing between those who peacefully protest and those who have participated in the looting or isolated riots that marked the first days of the movement.

« To any protester, anarchist, agitator, looter or sad life that comes to Oklahoma, understand this: you will not be treated like you were in New York, Seattle or Minneapolis. It will be a very different scene! « Trump wrote on Twitter Friday morning.

This Saturday at least two protests are expected in Tulsa against Trump, who generated strong controversy when scheduling his return to the campaign in that city, which in 1921 was the scene of a brutal massacre in which up to 300 blacks died at the hands of white groups.

In addition, Trump originally scheduled the rally for this Friday, a very important date for African-Americans and known as « Juneteenth », which commemorates the abolition of slavery in United States.

Numerous African-American politicians and activists accused Trump of winking at white supremacists in choosing that date and location for his rally, and although the president’s campaign later changed the date to Saturday, it has failed to erase the sentiment of many blacks of that he was insulting them in the middle of a wave of protests.

The Police of Tulsa He had confirmed this Friday that he would force Trump supporters to evict the surroundings of the BOK stadium at night, where they have camped to achieve a good place in the rally on Saturday, but the pressure from the president to the mayor seemed to take effect so that let them stay.