United States President Donald Trump, again criticizing the World Health Organization’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, said he has a biased attitude towards China and threatened to suspend his government’s financial contribution to the body. Although he initially assured that the decision was made, minutes later he said that he would evaluate the possibility.

“We provide most of the funding (from WHO). They have been wrong about many things. They had a lot of information in the initial stages. They receive USD 58 million. Sometimes the money goes to programs they implement. If they are good, it is great, but we want to investigate because they have made bad decisions. They could have been months earlier, they should have been months earlier. We are going to freeze those funds. When every decision they make is bad, that’s not a good thing, “Trump said at a new press conference, a fact that has taken place on a daily basis in recent weeks to provide information on the pandemic efforts.” He did not elaborate. about.

In this way, the president replicated a concept that he had outlined in the morning, when in his Twitter account he recalled that he decided to prohibit the arrival of trips from China, despite the fact that the WHO did not recommend the closure of borders. “Why did they give us such a wrong recommendation?” “Fortunately, I rejected his advice.”

Asked by a journalist in the room on whether the time to suspend contributions was favorable, Trump said the decision may not be made during the pandemic. “We are going to study it,” he said.

Trump, who during the first months of the pandemic minimized the risks facing the American population, has taken the lead in official communications. This Tuesday he warned again that the number of positive cases and deaths during the week will continue to be high: “It will be very painful,” he said. But he assured that the White House strategy “is fully working” and announced that the figures will begin to drop from then on.

In the morning, the governor of New York, the state most affected by the pandemic and epicenter of the outbreak in the country, Andrew Cuomo, spoke in the same vein. Despite reporting the highest number of daily deaths – 731, bringing the total to 5,489 – he said the state appears to be near the peak of the pandemic and noted that the number of new hospitalizations had dropped for the third consecutive day.

“We are projecting that we are reaching a plateau in the number of hospitalizations,” Cuomo told reporters. On Monday, the governor extended the shutdown until near the end of the month, ordering schools and nonessential businesses to remain closed until April 29.

The United States is the country with the highest number of positive cases of coronavirus, with more than 387,000 as of Tuesday night. In fact, the figure is higher than the combination of the three countries that follow, Spain, Italy and France, which register approximately 140,000, 135,000 and 110,000 transmissions, respectively.

As for deaths, it registers 12,291, 1,383 more than the previous day. It is third in the gloomy list, only behind Italy and Spain, with 17,127 and 13,912, respectively.