Trump, a president with no agenda obsessed on Twitter with “fraud”

Washington, Nov 18 . .- The United States’s president, Donald Trump, continued this Wednesday without a public agenda, focused on his denunciations of “electoral fraud” through Twitter, and without appearing that the challenges that his team has presented in several states will influence the victory of the Democrat Joe Biden.

Ten days after Biden was screened as President elect, Trump has disappeared from the sight of Americans, entrenched in the White House.

His only public appearance at that time was last Friday, when he appeared in the White House Rose Garden to comment on advances in vaccines to defeat the coronavirus pandemic.

Without accepting questions or referring to the electoral defeat, returned to his official residence.

In this time, his few outings have been exclusively on weekends to play golf at his private club in Sterling (Virginia), just outside of Washington, and the daily schedules appear empty with minimal meetings.

Public silence, screaming on Twitter

He has yet to admit defeat to Biden, thus breaking the traditional courtesy call between applicants, and his contact with the outside world has been channeled exclusively through his favorite social network, Twitter.

“I won the elections. Voter fraud throughout the country!”, He wrote this Wednesday, all in capital letters, along with a series of comments in which he questions the cleanliness of the counts and the decisions on challenges that his team.

Trump’s comments, always with Twitter’s warning that his allegations of fraud “are questioned”, also allude to the decision of the Electoral Board of Wayne County, Michigan, which last night unanimously certified the results, after being blocked due to the refusal of Republicans to do so.

“Wrong! At first they voted against because there were many more VOTES than PEOPLE (Sad!). Then they were threatened, yelled at and brutally harassed, and were FORCED to change their vote, but then they REFUSED, like American patriots, to sign the documents, “Trump wrote.

His campaign today presented a request for a recount in two Wisconsin counties, Milwaukee and Dane, considering that there are “absentee votes illegally altered and illegally cast,” a state where Biden won by a margin of 20,500 votes.

Layoffs on Twitter

Also through his Twitter account, he announced two fatal layoffs.

On November 9, the Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper; and this Tuesday, that of Christopher Krebs, director of the cybersecurity agency that last week said that the last presidential elections were “the safest in history.”

“Chris Krebs’ recent statement on the security of the 2020 elections was very inaccurate, as there were massive fraud and irregularities,” Trump said in his message about the head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), ” an agency that belongs to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Trump’s bad mood has led him to cancel his usual trip to spend the Thanksgiving Day to Mar-A-Lago (Florida), where the president has a private residence.

The country’s media have advanced that, instead, he will spend the festivities, the most popular in the United States, at the White House in what they have described as the “bomb shelter mentality” in which the United States has been immersed. President.

Transition locked

Added to the unusual situation is the alarm over the sharp increase in coronavirus cases in the United States, which continues to rise to record levels and is beginning to cause strong pressure on hospitals across the country, where the death toll is already approaching 250,000.

Biden has still not received approval for his team to work closely with the agencies it will have to oversee from January 20, the day of the inauguration of the new administration, and he plans to meet with professionals in the health sector to learn about the work on the front line against covid.

This crisis seems to be the only one that could force the hand of the White House to facilitate the transition, which Emily Murphy, the administrator of the public service agency, GSA for its acronym in English, should facilitate in its most practical section, but which until now has been reluctant to carry out.

The 14th of December is scheduled to meet the Electoral College, where the votes assigned to each candidate by the delegates of each state are formalized, and at that moment Murphy could be forced to facilitate access to Biden’s team.

According to the projections of the mainstream media, Biden has far exceeded the 270 votes in the Electoral College that give the keys to the White House, with 306 compared to 232 for Trump. .