“Under no circumstances should disinfectants or cleaning products be used to treat or prevent COVID-19.” This was the forceful tweet with which the New York State Department of Health denied one of the most surreal hoaxes that have spread in recent weeks. Not so much for its content – authentic barrabasadas have been spread – but for the way in which it reached millions of homes in the United States: through the mouth of the very president of the nation, the magnateDonald trump.

The president made the controversial statements during his daily press appearance to report on the progress of the pandemic. After a presentation by the director of the Science and Technology Division of the National Security Agency,Bill BryanTrump stood out asking his companion about options to kill the virus: “I see that the disinfectant knocks it out in a minute, in a minute. Is there a way that we can do something like an injection inside or almost a cleaning? How can they see, it reaches the lungs and reaches a tremendous number in the lungs, so it would be interesting to see that, “he said.

Not content with that, Trump also shared another controversial reflection after Bryan commented that the virus “dies quickly” when exposed to sunlight. “Suppose we expose the body to a tremendous amount of light, be it ultraviolet or just very powerful light. I think you said that this has not been proven,” Trump said. “So,” continued the President, “I say, assuming the light is put inside the body, which can be done through the skin in some other way, I think you said that they are going to check that as well.”

After Trump’s appearance, numerous public health experts were quick to deny the president’s “recommendations”, and even some health companies publicly alerted to the health risks of injecting some of his products.

Hours later, and in the face of the stir that Trump’s statements raised, the White House noted that the president’s words had been misinterpreted. In a subsequent appearance, Trump himself gave an equally surreal explanation for his words, when asked by a journalist: “I was sarcastically asking reporters like you a question, simply to see what would happen,” he said.