True Wireless Stereo and noise cancellation

With the Galaxy Buds Pro, Samsung has confirmed that his bet on the buds, which started last year, is quite determined, and that since the 2020 version there was still a lot of evolution ahead. Korean technology has not disappointed us and in this Galaxy Unpacked in the shadow of CES 2021, and although the undisputed star of the event has been the new Samsung Galaxy S21, the company has also dedicated a few minutes to present its new top of the range in headphones wireless.

The most remarkable feature of these Galaxy Buds Pro designed hand in hand with AKG it is undoubtedly its sound quality. As we were reminded in the presentation, these types of headphones are usually one-way due to size issues. However, its engineers have been able to design a small processor capable of managing two sound sources in each earphone, a woofer, 11 millimeters, and that will be the one used to reproduce all the sounds that reach up to 20 hertz, that is, bass and middle. The second is a tweeter of only 6.5 millimeters that covers the rest of the spectrum between 20 hertz and 20 kilohertz.

In this way, we find in the Galaxy Buds Pro a rare bird in headphones of this size, and that is that the different frequencies are reproduced through outputs specially adapted for them, something that is common in the speakers, but that is very remarkable in such small devices like this kind of headphones.

Obviously, Samsung hasn’t forgotten about active noise cancellation either. As we have heard in the presentation, the implementation of this technology in the Galaxy Buds Pro is capable of “eliminating” up to 99% of ambient noise, offering almost absolute isolation from the environment. An important aspect, moreover, is that cancellation level is user adjustable. If, for example, we are walking down the street, we can reduce it enough to be able to hear sound alerts, without needing open headphones.

Galaxy Buds Pro: True Wireless Stereo and Active Noise Cancellation

And in this regard we find another very interesting aspect of the Galaxy Buds Pro, and that is that Samsung has developed a context adaptive model. In this way, if the headphones detect that we are developing some type of activity in which noise cancellation may interfere, such as having a conversation with another person, it will deactivate this function for as long as it is necessary, reactivate it when it deduces that it is no longer necessary to allow ambient sound.

Another Samsung technology that we find in the Galaxy Buds Pro is Wind Shield Sound, something that the users of the headphones will hardly perceive, but that their telephone interlocutors will greatly appreciate. And it is that its objective is, after capturing the voice of the user during an open call, they process it to eliminate the unpleasant sound produced by the wind, and that sometimes makes it impossible to hold a conversation unless we create with our hands a kind of camera between the microphone and the mouth, something particularly difficult with this type of headset.

Regarding its autonomy, Samsung claims that the Galaxy Buds Pro offer five hours of continuous playback with a full charge, and if we add the charge of the headphones and that of its case, said number scales to a not inconsiderable 18 hours. An autonomy that is reinforced by a fast charging system, which allows, with just five minutes of charging, to obtain up to one hour of audio playback.

And a very striking aspect of the Galaxy Buds Pro is that, according to Samsung, are IPX7 certified, which in theory makes them suitable for use under water. However, we are talking about a type of headset that, due to its limited holding capacity, is perhaps not the most suitable for use while practicing water sports. It is different to use them on rainy days, a case in which we can do it with all the tranquility of the world.

Users who are interested in the Galaxy Buds Pro are in luck, as they will not have to wait to buy them. They are already on sale for 239.89 euros on the Samsung website.