Truck full of PS5 is robbed on console launch day

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 11/19/2020 2:38 pm

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Although the PS5 arrived in Mexico and other countries on November 12, the console is barely available today in much of the world. However, not everyone will have access to the new platform immediately. A couple of hours ago it was announced that Sony fans in Chile will have to wait longer than necessary, this because a truck full of PS5 was robbed.

On the morning of today, November 19, several players began to receive an email from Falabella, one of the largest stores in Chile, where it is mentioned that People who pre-ordered the PS5 will not be able to receive their console on day one, until December 15. Although this seems not to affect all buyers, but a large percentage This was what was commented:

“We know that the date you were to receive the console was today, but the truck of the PlayStation distributor that was transporting them was robbed. Due to this situation, unfortunately, the new delivery date will be from December 15th ”.


To compensate for this inconvenience, affected people will get a one-year subscription to PS Plus, as well as a gift card of $ 50 thousand Chilean pesos, just over $ 1,300 Mexican pesos. Without a doubt, sad news for all those who were looking forward to the release of the PS5 today.

On related issues, the PS5 managed to beat the Nintendo Switch in Japan sales. Similarly, Sony reiterates that the exclusive firts-parties are created from scratch for PS5.


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