Truck crashes into a train and unleashes a powerful explosion in Cameron, Texas

The inhabitants of the houses that were near the train tracks were evacuated for safety

| 02/23/2021 | ionicons-v5-c11: 04 | Patricia Agüero |

Texas.- A spectacular accident between a truck with 18 wheels and a train carrying liquid oil unleashed a powerful explosion that was accumulated by a huge column of black smoke that rose into the sky.

The mishap occurred when the truck 18-wheeler hit the side of a train in the city of Cameron in county of Milam in Texas.

According to the County Sheriff of Milam, Chris White, the driver of the train and from truck they managed to get out on time and were not injured.

The roar of the loud explosion could be heard several meters away. One of the houses that was near the train was affected, however, no one was injured.

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For the safety of the inhabitants, all the houses in the vicinity were evacuated.

Sheriff Chris White ruled out that it was a hazardous materials situation.

Elements of the Department of Firemen They are in the area and seek to put out the fire with foam, teams travel from Houston and Dallas to support the fire fighting maneuvers.