Hanna is forecast to degrade to remaining low pressure this Monday.

DNA40 –

The National Weather Service reported that the Tropical depression Hanna will favor a sunrise with rains in areas of the north, northeast and east of Mexico.

There will be rains very strong in Tamaulipas, in the vicinity of Ciudad Victoria, Soto La Marina, Ciudad Mante and Tampico; in San Luis Potosí in Ciudad Valles, Rioverde and Tamuín; Veracruz in the vicinity of Pánuco.

Showers there will be forts in the center and south of Nuevo León, east of Coahuila, in the north and east of Zacatecas; in the northern part of Guanajuato, Querétaro and Hidalgo.

The cyclone is located north of Zacatecas, moves slowly westward and gradually weakens. It is forecast that Hanna weaken to a low pressure remnant during this Monday.