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2021 will truly be the year of Guillermo del Toro. Just a week after the 20th anniversary of The Devil’s Backbone, the director has finally announced the release date of Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans. The film is the conclusion to his animated saga that includes the Trollhunters series, [entity_embed style=”link-tomatometro” id_entity=”387042″][Temporada] 3Below: Tales of Arcadia (2)[/entity_embed] and Magicians: Tales of Arcadia – 100%. The film is a Netflix exclusive title and a short teaser was also revealed.

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Through Twitter, Guillermo del Toro shared the teaser in which Netflix reveals that it will be July 21 that we will see Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans. The film is the last installment of the fantastic story that began with the series of the same name. The animated titles share a universe and follow the story of a group of characters and the town of Arcadia, which is in the midst of a magical power that unites humans, aliens and magicians.

In the teaser we can see one of the aforementioned titans rise in the middle of the ocean, as well as the protagonists of the three series unite while a voiceover ensures that the only chance they have to win depends on joining forces. Then it is confirmed that the release date for these films will be July 21. Still one more title to look forward to the summer that Netflix has prepared.

The project is one that is highly prized by Del Toro, as he is famous for his fondness for animation. He is the creator of all the series and also functions as their producer. The first season of Trollhunters It was released in 2018, so it has taken a long time to finally conclude the story of this saga, which has been very popular with the platform, which has not given it the green light to give multiple deliveries.

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans it is added as another project that this year we can expect from the Mexican filmmaker. 2021 will be very busy for the Jalisco native who at the end of 2020 concluded the filming of Nightmare alley, his next live action film that is currently in post-production. As if this were not enough, he is also working on Pinocchio, his version of the classic story that he hopes to release also before the end of the year.

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It is right. We can expect three films, two of them animated, from the director in the next few months alone. The real question will be if they will really be able to debut before 2022. If so, the director who has already won two Oscars is most likely a bet for the following awards season on two fronts and for two different studios with those two others Projects.

It is too early to say anything, but for now 2021 will be quite busy for the director. On July 21 you will be able to see Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans on Netflix while it will be released until December 3 Nightmare alley and there is still no date for Pinocchio, although it is known that stop motion animation is still in production and a premiere had been confirmed for this year.

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