Tristan Thompson accused of cheating on Khloe Kardashian with a model

The player of the NBA, Tristan thompson accused of cheating Khloe kardashian with instagram model.

In what might be considered unsurprising news to some, the great man of the Boston Celtics, Tristan thompson, has been denounced for deceiving Khloe kardashian. Yes, we mean again.

According to a recent interview, the Instagram model Sydney chase He claimed he hooked up with Thompson around the turn of the year, just months after he and his on-and-off partner Khloe Kardashian apparently reconciled over quarantine. Even more awkward, the couple were apparently in talks to have a second child before this new drama unfolded.

Chase was forthright about the whole situation, stating that the Celtics forward was single to her knowledge when she first asked him out:

“He told me he wasn’t in a relationship anymore, so I said he was fine,” he claimed on the “No Jumper” podcast (via Page Six). “We talked, we went out several times, we went out together, everything.”

Until now, neither Tristan thompson neither Khloe kardashian they have come forward with a statement to that effect. Thompson’s history of infidelity is well documented. Page Six told the story of how, in 2018, Thompson cheated on Khloe just days before the birth of their first child.

Then, a year later, he was embroiled in a scandal much closer to home, when he was denounced for meeting with former Kardashian family friend Jordyn Woods. From that scandal to their reconciliation in the summer of 2020, there was little to no news about the troubled relationship between Khloe and Thompson.