triple action against caries

To combat this attack, specific oral hygiene products, such as paste or mouthwash, include fluoride in their formulation, as it inhibits enamel demineralization and favors its remineralization. If hydroxyapatite, a natural element of the tooth and its main component, is added to this, it makes the enamel more resistant and provides hardness to the tooth.

The VITIS® anticaries solution is based on DENTAID Technology haprepair®, a pioneer company in oral hygiene solutions, which prevents cavities and protects enamel against dental erosion by combining active hydroxyapatite with the benefits of fluoride.

In addition, VITIS® anticaries incorporates 10% xylitol, which stimulates saliva production and favors the neutralization of the acidic pH, providing, together with hydroxyapatite and fluoride, a triple anticaries action.

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