Trini López singer of the 60’s loses her life | Instagram

Trini Lopez, singer and guitarist who rose to fame for his covers of « Lemon Tree » and « If I Had a Hammer » in the 1960s and brought his talent to Hollywood, he lost his life on Tuesday.

The singer was 83 years old, Father David Ebersole is a filmmaker who just finished filming a documentary about López with Todd Hughes.

The filmmaker confirmed that López died of complications from COVID-19 at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm springs, california.

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Musician and business partner Joe Chavira said he and Lopez just finished recording a song « If By Now », a tune intended to raise funds for food banks during COVID-19.

« And here he is dying for something he was trying to fight, » Chavira said.

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Trini López went on to acting, appearing in the World War II drama « The Dirty Dozen », the comedy « The Phynx » and credits in the television series « Adam-12 ».

He also designed guitars that became favorites of Dave Grohl and other rock stars.

With the mentorship of Buddy Holly and Frank Sinatra, Lopez became an international star while performing in both English and Spanish.

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Unlike Mexican American singers like Ritchie ValensLopez rejected the advice to change his name and openly embraced his Mexican-American heritage despite warnings that it would damage his career.

“I insisted on keeping my name Lopez,” he told The Dallas Morning News in 2017. “I’m proud to be Lopez. I am proud to be Mexican ”.

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Born Trinidad López III to immigrants from Guanajuato, Mexico, López grew up in the poor neighborhood of Little Mexico in Dallas. The serious economic situation of the family forced López to drop out of high school and began to work.

His life changed after his father bought him one Gibson acoustic guitar $ 12 black at a pawn shop.

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