Trill crossing between Armando Benedetti and Daniel Samper ends in an interesting challenge

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On the afternoon of this Thursday, Senator Armando Benedetti shook national politics by announcing that he prematurely supports Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign for 2022. For the congressman, the center does not exist and after his resignation from the U party, he decided to take the path that leads him to Human Colombia.

The news caused many tweeters, including columnist Daniel Samper Ospina, to trill about Benedetti’s arrival in Petrism.

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The first reaction that Samper had was to write: “Of course, for Armando Bendetti the center does not exist: that is why he went from Uribismo to Petrismo without blushing.”


To which the senator replied: “Others who do not blush are those who supposedly want a change but support Fajardo. I invite you to show me a political scientist who speaks of the ‘center’ as an ideology, that is only a luxury of the high-born cachacos ”.

But the exchange of trills did not stop there, the columnist added humor to the discussion and assured that he was going to get a political scientist who knows about the “Uribe-santo-petrismo”.

For now I am going to look for a political scientist who has written about the ideology you just inaugurated: uribe-santo-petrismo … always very consistent.


Petrist influencer Levy Rincón also entered the debate, calling Samper “coming to pose as an alternative and progressive youtuber” when he is “pure right.”

“Daniel Samper attacking Benedetti because he will be with Petro in the presidential elections. He treats him well off. Dani must be reminded that he has been a Santista, Peñalosista and Fajardista. Pure right! And he comes here to pose as an alternative and progressive youtuber, ”the activist wrote on Twitter.

The columnist replied to the tweeter the following: “Old Levy. I’ve always been consistently downtown and I’ve especially liked Mockus; I have never voted for Uribe; It seems respectable to me that they appreciate any support and forgive where it comes from, that is a step for them to grow and I celebrate that “.

This Friday the discussion continued on Twitter between both characters, Samper and Benedetti. This time, the journalist pointed out that he does not criticize anyone for changing his mind but in his opinion, Armando Benedetti posing as an anti-system makes him laugh.

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Of course, the senator did not remain silent and trilled: “You are the alternative youtuber, where you have nothing alternative. The only politicians he likes are those who are fashionable or famous, using them as a platform to put on makeup as an ‘alternative leader’ and gain an audience. He only lives on the tendencies of others! ”.


Benedetti’s challenge

Daniel Samper Ospina publishes his Sunday column on the Los Danieles portal, which he created together with journalist Daniel Coronell. For this weekend, your theme may be precisely Senator Armando Benedetti’s decision to join the Human Colombia movement.

With this context, the legislator has already proposed a challenge to Ospina which consists of letting him write in Los Danieles this Sunday.

“In 280 characters, Daniel Ospina, cannot express all his literary baggage against me and thus not remain in short sentences and defamations. Give me the same number of characters that you will have in your column so that I can also write in #LosDanieles this Sunday. Accept the challenge?”wrote the senator.

So far the columnist has not responded.