Triler of ‘Vivo’, an unforgettable musical adventure

After Netflix officially acquired the distribution rights to the animated musical from Sony Pictures Animation, ‘Alive‘, an official trailer for the film has been published that will feature the starring voice of the creator of’ Hamilton ‘, Lin-Manuel Miranda. The film will hit the platform on August 6.

Vivo is an original kinkaj (voice of Lin-Manuel Miranda) who embarks on an unforgettable musical mission to deliver a love song to Marta (voice of Gloria Estefan) on behalf of Andrs, the owner of Vivo (Juan de Marcos, from Buena Vista Social Club).

The cast of voices in the film is made up of Lin-Manuel Miranda as Vivo, Juan de Marcos Gonzlez as Andrs; Gloria Estefan as Andrs’s Platonic love, Marta; Ynairaly Simo as Andrs’s great-niece, Gabi; Zoe Saldana as Gabi’s mother, Rosa; Michael Rooker as Lutador, a python villain; Brian Tyree Henry, Nicole Byer, Leslie David Baker, Katie Lowes, Olivia Trujillo and Lidya Jewett.

The film is directed by Oscar nominee Kirk Demicco (‘The Croods’) and Brandon Jeffords (‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2’) from a screenplay written by Pulitzer Prize winner Quiara Alegra Hudes, who previously worked with Miranda in the Tony-winning musical, ‘In the Heights’. The film will feature original songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and composed by Alex Lacamoire.

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