Nutrition recommendations vary by age. You should not follow the same guidelines at age 20 as at age 60. However, some basic guidelines are always recommended. And, to have a healthy life, they must be taken into account throughout the years. The specialized publication Men´s Health has compiled a guide for small recommendations that is having a great pull on social networks. Some very simple guidelines that can help you have a healthier life.

At the age of 20

You must prioritize fiber and vitamin D. If you consume daily you avoid gaining weight, both at that age and in the future. The ideal, then, is to create a custom. The ideal is to consume some 700kg of vegetables and 500 of fruit a day. But, importantly, according to experts, it better not be in smoothies. And, if you eat between meals, better with fruit. Regarding vitamin D, it is best to eat canned tuna protein, light cheese, milk or salmon. On the other hand, specific diets should be avoided as much as possible and in any case always recommended by professionals, since it can cause an eating disorder. You have to eat everything, but with balance.

At 30 years

At thirty the body passes a barrier and the risk of gaining weight and losing muscle increases in great proportions. You are no longer a 20 year old kid. Therefore, you need specific nutrients. An example is omega 3 fatty acids, which are found in many fish. The ideal is to eat at least two servings per week, accompanied by a garnish. Fish also helps prevent heart disease. On the contrary, you should avoid drinking excessively, since cases of cirrhosis increase at that age.

At 40 years

At that age, you need a diet rich in fiber and antioxidants. In addition, it can help prevent the risk of cancer, colon or prostate. It is recommended to have breakfast guava, hand and pitaya for its high fiber content. As much as possible, avoid excess calories, which will become your enemy.

On the other hand, regardless of age, you should not forget to exercise. The de-escalation by the coronavirus is filling Spanish parks with “new runners”. Many citizens bet on losing the kilos gained in quarantine by going out for a run. And, due to inexperience, shoelaces and overloads arrive. For this reason, specialized publications such as “Men´s Healt” become the latest simple training in fashion to lose weight and also avoid injuries. It is very easy to carry out and suitable for beginners. The method, which is called “Caco”, is simply based on alternating walks with running. Do not run at once, then.