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TikToK is a social network suitable for all audiences and that has won the affection of more than 800 million active users worldwide. Its system is based on creating, uploading and watching short videos (15-60 seconds), adding filters, effects, stickers and much more.

Being a platform as popular as Instagram or Facebook, The issue of security must be given importance, and although TikTok is making changes in the security and privacy policy in the accounts of minors, in the same way it is necessary to keep an eye open against cyber dangers.

Now, if in the short or long time you have been on the platform you have noticed that someone has logged into your TikTok account Without your consent, your account may have been hacked.

These are the privacy accusations against TikTok

If this is your case, in this article we will show you what to do and how to deal with this type of situation so they don’t keep happening. Join us!

These are the possible signs that your TikTok account was hacked

Change of personal data

If you suspect that your TikTok account has been hacked, change your personal information

If someone has been accessing your account without permission, there may be changed some of your personal data. It is important that you check your access data, mainly email, phone number and username.

New Videos Posted

One of the most obvious proofs that you TikTok account has been hacked, is the publication of videos with strange people or acts. This is synonymous with alert, you must immediately change Password.

To change the password you must go to: “Privacy and settings> Manage account> Password> Enter your current password> Enter a new password> Confirm”.

And if you can’t enter, click on: “Did you forget your password?” and select the email or phone number where you want to receive the temporal password to enter the platform again.

Private messages

Private messages

Alert your friends so that they are not victims of scams

If an intruder has broken into your account, they may have been messaging your friends or links with viruses and malware. So you should be careful with your DMs and alert your acquaintances.

Unknown logins

Check the TikTok function and check the login history of your mobile device. If you see any access or other equipment other than the one you currently own, it is possible that you have been hacked. To verify go to “Settings and privacy> Security> Your devices”.

Unknown logins

Check the devices that have logged into your TikTok account

Hacked TikTok: Here’s what to do to avoid it

Below, you can see a series of tricks that you should apply in case you suspect that someone has been snooping on your TikTok account or for a stolen account.

Do not install third-party applications

In the world of technology there are a lot of programs and applications They offer hundreds of things and of course for TikTok as well. These third-party applications offer users the opportunity to unlock certain options such as: take videos longer than 1 minute, see who has visited your profile and videos, get followers, likes, views and much more.

However, these are mods that you should not install for anything in the world, since in addition to steal personal information, they will put your account at risk and even be permanently stolen. In short, don’t trust those kinds of pages or apps.

Choose a good password

It is very common, especially in youth accounts, to use a easy to remember password, but the best thing you can do to keep your account protected against intruders is to add to your personal password alphanumeric characters and symbols.

Choose a good password

A good password to prevent your TikTok account from being hacked should include alphanumeric characters and symbols

In addition, it is essential that you avoid placing dates of birth, ages and much less ID numbers, since it will be the first thing they will discover. If you have no idea what password to use, take a look at these 3 tricks to have a more secure password.

Activate 2-Step Verification

This feature will help you further protect your account from potential intruders. So after changing your password, it would be advisable to strengthen security with the two-step verification.

To do this you will have to do the following: “Settings and privacy> Security> Two-step verification> SMS> Enable”. At the bottom select only your mobile device to receive the code and ready.

Put your account in private mode

One of the options offered TikTok, is to place your account privately, only then can you carry a control of the people who follow you and those who frequently watch your videos.

If you don’t know how to put your TikTok account in private or upload private videos, follow the guidelines in this article, it will surely be very helpful, especially when managing who can or cannot consume your content.

Activate family sync

If the account TikTok belongs to someone under the age of 18, it is possible that hackers try to persuade the minor and request his access password, address or telephone, either to help him with something or to pose as an acquaintance.

Activate family synchronization

Enable this TikTok feature to protect your account against possible attacks

In these cases, it is best to prevent, and beyond talking with them and warning of cyber risks and dangers, you can also carry out a family sync and thus have control over the account. To perform this procedure go to “Settings and privacy> Family sync”.

Activate Family Synchronization-2

Stay in control with TikTok family syncing

In this section of TikToK, you as the parent or guardian of the minor will be able to establish a time limit on the platform, restrict inappropriate content, manage privacy and security settings and even change the account from public to private.

How to delete your TikTok account

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