As you probably already know if you are a player and / or follower of the most recent title of Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch, from April 1 to 12 of the same month the First Animal Crossing event: New Horizons, the Egg Hunt, focused on the Easter holidays. In this event, we will meet Coti Conejal, a new character who will be our “temporary neighbor” during the days of the holiday and who will be the architect of bringing even more fun to our island by hiding a multitude of eggs and exclusive building recipes to get a lot of furniture and themed objects for the occasion. But, Do you want to know how many eggs are there? Or where to find them? To help you with this and much more, we bring you this small guide that includes, in addition to the way to get all the eggs, several tricks and tips so that you do not leave a single exclusive object in the inkwell.

How do you get all the Easter eggs?

If you enter Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the dates of the Egg Hunt event, you will see that our island has taken a Ā«special colorĀ» with the change of month. New insects, new fish, new trees … and Coti Conejal prowling around our island. But what is he doing here? Well, how could it be otherwise, hiding Easter eggs. Once we located him, if we talk to this cute rabbit, he will explain that he is preparing a special event for April 12, but that he has already started hiding a multitude of eggs everywhere, having a total of 6 hidden types for all the places on our island. If we get all of them, we will have at our disposal the construction of any exclusive object of the event. But where are each of them located?

Wooded Egg: It is probably the first egg that we see, since it can be found as if it were fruit, that is, hanging from the trees. Just shake the cherry blossom to drop 3 units.Aquatic Egg: “The shadow of a suspicious fish!” You fish and … surprise! It is the second type of Easter egg. If we go fishing on shore as usual, we can find, among a new and not so new variety of fish, aquatic eggs. There is no difference between ponds, sea or river, so try fishing anywhere.Light Blue Egg: You look at the sky and you find a gift floating in a balloon of various colors different from the monocolors we are used to. Grab your slingshot and blow it up. Among a series of surprises that we will talk about later, we can get this third type of Easter egg.

Terrestrial Egg: Does that mark on the ground indicate a new fossil? Maybe yes, maybe no. The fact is that when digging in these places, we can find this fourth type of egg, as well as fossils as until now.Rock Egg: Approach with your ax or your shovel to a rock and start hitting it as much as you can to get stones, clay, nuggets … and the fifth type of Easter egg.Woody Egg: Take your ax and start banging trees to cut firewood. With any luck, you will not only get wood as usual, but you can also get the sixth and last type of egg.

Thus, you can get the 6 types of existing Easter eggs during the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Egg Hunt event. However, this is only the beginning, and it is that during the holiday we should not settle for just getting one of each, since we will need them to build a large number of exclusive objects. You will also wonder how to get the different recipes necessary to build these objects. Because, then we leave you a series of tips and tricks to get even more eggs and construction recipes.

Tips and Tricks for Animal Hunt Egg Hunt: New Horizons

If you have already been searching for eggs, you have probably come to a conclusion: there are more limited eggs than others. While the gifts or the fish do not stop appearing, the rocks, the trees that we can hit or shake, or the excavation areas are limited in the day. Therefore, the first of the tips that we can give you is that do not miss the opportunity to shake and hit all you have on your island. However, there is a way to get even more eggs from those limited resources in one day, and that is, if you use a Nook Miles Coupon to go to another desert island, you will find that Coti Conejal has also hidden eggs there, so you can search for even more terrestrial, woody, wooded and cave eggs.

This Easter egg bed doesn’t seem too comfortable …

Do you remember what I said before about the gift balloons? When we explode one with our slingshot, we can get objects like before, but also with light blue eggs. Nevertheless, It is not the only thing we can get, since we can also get new exclusive building recipes by popping the themed colored balloons. Every day, Coti Conejal will hide new projects, so it is convenient to explode them whenever we see one. If you do not see it, you can also tune your ear, since if you listen carefully, it can be located if there is one flying nearby thanks to the sound of the wind. But why is it important to take advantage of the event to pop the balloons? Why one of Tom Nook’s missions and his mileage system is precisely to blow up balloons, so it’s a good time to add miles and accomplish the goal even faster.

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Are you hungry? Eggs can be eaten, Although we advise you not to do it as it is a limited object. Too you can sell them for 200 berries in the MiniNook store, but we do not recommend it either, as it is not excessively high. In case you want to do it equally, our premise is that you prioritize aquatic and celestial eggs, as they are a more unlimited variety compared to the rest.

Collect many eggs of the same type. Not only because we have enough resources to build any exclusive object with them, but because, the more we get, the more likely it is that our villager has a great idea to develop a new themed Egg Hunt DIY project. Once this happens, we can approach our construction bank and … Make us a complete egg costume! This suit includes a shell as a cap, a suit and some shoes. This can arise with the 6 types of Easter eggs, so if you want to get all of them, don’t stop looking for more and more eggs!

I think the woody egg favors me

And that’s all for now. While the event lasts, we will continue to explore every corner of our island in search of more tips, tricks and ways to help you get all the exclusive items. Do you know any that have been overlooked? Don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments!

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