Trick to watch Disney + content on an unsupported TV

Trick to watch Disney + content on an unsupported TV (EFE)

Trick to watch Disney + content on an unsupported TV | .

There is no doubt that the platform Disney Plus is the sensation of the moment, however, sadly it is not compatible with all televisions, but we bring you a trick incredible that you will surely be interested, so take note.

This time here at Show News we bring you a solution to be able to watch Disney Plus if your television is not compatible.

And is that although the streaming platform has finally reached Latin America, there are some people who, despite subscribing, still cannot see the content.

Well this is many times because your TV It is not compatible or it simply does not have the basic requirements to open Disney Plus, so you may wonder what you can do to avoid this.

The most important thing is that it is not necessary that you have to buy a new television that adapts to the streaming application, since you will simply have to use one of these devices that we will mention.


Android TV: Disney Plus is compatible with a television that has version 5.0 of the Android operating system. LG WebOS: To have the Disney Plus service on an LG TV you must have between WebOS 3.0 or higher. Samsung Tizen: Disney Plus supports Samsung TVs that are older than 2016 or later (HD video compatible) that use the Tizen operating system.

So if you don’t have any TV like these, you can use the device from Google Chromecast or a Roku so that your television is compatible with Disney Plus and in this way you can send content from the application for smartphones to your television.

A very important point is that your television must have an HDMI input, since the devices that we have discussed have this type of connectivity, in addition to a nearby outlet to avoid unplugging it.

On the other hand, after several months of waiting, the product arrives in the country to make direct competition to other companies with similar subscription services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV + and HBO.

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And to drive this tough market, it offers more than 500 movies and more than 7,000 cumulative episodes from dozens of series.

The titles available are part of such important production houses such as Pixar, Lucasfilms, Marvel and National Geographic, all of these properties of the Mickey Mouse company.

It is worth mentioning that since the platform was released in the United States and Canada, in November 2019, Disney Plus has reached 73 million subscribers worldwide, adding to the millions it had when it was released in some European countries on March 24.

So it is expected that with its most recent expansion in Latin America it will achieve several million more subscribers, something that it will surely achieve.

How to subscribe?

Go to the official website of Disney Plus. Select the plan of your preference by clicking on “Try it at no cost” and you should bear in mind that this button refers to the trial period (seven days) in which you will not be charged from the account with which you register. The charge, then, will begin to run from the eighth day, unless you cancel the subscription earlier. You will then have to complete your email, accept the terms and conditions, and choose a password. To finish, you have to fill in your payment information that, so far, you can only do with a credit or debit card VISA, Mastercard or American Express.

Once the purchase is made, you can use Disney Plus on up to four devices simultaneously, and download a maximum of ten.

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