Greeicy Rendón She is one of the artists who has revolutionized the most in the networks thanks to her talent, since this young girl acted in « Vampire Girl » her ticket to fame grew more and more.

In addition to acting, singing, and dancing, Greeicy Rendón She is also a lover of exercise and healthy life, and is that she together with her partner Mike Bahia They are considered public figures with a worked appeal.

Greeicy She is known thanks to her charisma and humility, this girl definitely stands out in each of her presentations, and in most of her Instagram posts we see her very smiling, however, she never gets out of focus with her goals and objectives.

This time, the Colombian uploaded a publication where she is seen exercising her abdomen, she does it with the help of mini skateboards to put her biceps to work. « Hey, comrades, make yourselves this is brutal, » was the description of the video.

Surely Greeicy He has other ‘tricks up his sleeve’ like this to keep that figurine so perfect and defined that it makes it look simply spectacular.