Tribute to Len Wein and Dave Cockrum

Giant Size X-Men 1 was the comic that started the best X-Men era in history, redrawn by the best Marvel artists, a unique opportunity to regain glory!

In 1975, two authors changed the future of comics, they created the most popular group in the world. Now, Marvel’s most powerful authors pay tribute by emulating their work, the Giant Size X-Men 1.

The Second Genesis of the X-Men remains one of the most memorable moments in modern superhero comics. The arrival of those who would be the key characters for the franchise, marks a before and after. And its authors Len Wein and Dave Cockrum continue to be lovingly remembered by fans. In honor of these two deceased geniuses, Marvel publishes this tribute featuring the art of 37 artists from the House of Ideas, reimagining the special classic.

The X-Men had been relegated to a title that reissued the most famous sagas of the head. Sales had fallen, and a creative team could not be invested to continue the collection, nor did Roy Thomas with Neal Adams achieve the miracle. It had to be Len Wein and Dave Cockrum with a special who brought the shine to the franchise, and returned the mutants to the front line of the Marvel universe.

It was the year 1975, nothing had changed for the mutants for years, and an idea arose in the mind of the screenwriter Len Wein: to recover the X men. How? With a new alignment, with new characters, with a new approach, they were no longer students who grew up together and of similar origins, no, it was the time for the outcasts, the weirdos, the misfits. He collected the classic characters and created a handful of new mutants in colorful costumes and different nationalities and origins, and placed a character that he created for his stay in the Hulk and that would go on to make history, Wolverine. The menu turned out to be a plate of disparate personalities with goals as different from each other as they were with Xavier’s original X-Men. And that made them succeed.

This incredible cocktail left the way open for a young Chris Claremont to develop all his ability to tell stories, mix them and entangle them, and thus, the classic that we all know was born, the X-Men that has lasted to this day and that continues to repeat the mutant godfather schematics. But that Giant Size X-men was the beginning of everything, there was a second genesis, but the franchise did not stop there, and different groups saw the light in tributes to this story. And Marvel celebrates it by leaving a volume to remember, where fans of before and artists now, can unleash their childhood, and be the cartoonists of the origin of the most popular X-Men.

The volume that Panini publishes in Spain contains the original story as well as the reimagined one, so that we can compare the art, and discover that the tribute to Cockrum is wonderful, and that also the author in 1975, did a job that not everyone can overcome.

The list of authors participating in the tribute is as long as their quality, and Spain has several representatives. Leinil Francis Yu, Mark Brooks, Phil Noto, Rod Reis, Stephen Segovia, Marguerite Sauvage, Marcelo Ferreira, Pepe Larraz, Kris Anka, Matteo Lolli, Michael Del Mundo, Mike Hawthorne, Aaron Kuder, Iban Coello, Ramón Rosanas, David Baldeón, Carmen Carnero, Javier Garrón, RB Silva, Emanuela Luppachino, Jen Bartel, Siya Oum, Rahzzah, Marco Checchetto, Valerio Schiti, Alex Ross, Chris Samnee, Juann Cabal, Takeshi Miyazawa, Marcus To, Javier Rodríguez, Carlos Gomez, Bernard Chang, Kevin Nowlan, Len Wein, Joshua Cassara and Gurihiru leave their interpretation of these legendary pages, which have created an immense universe of their own where we have always seen that what is different should not be feared and hated.

Giant Size X-Men: Tribute to Len Wein and Dave Cockrum is a show of affection for this historical work, in addition to a tribute with its extras to its authors and their lives. It is not a purchase that everyone is going to make, but for all those who love mutants, it is a date with a unique opportunity to recover that sense of wonder that this first issue of modern X Men produced.

Giant Size X-Men: Tribute to Len Wein and Dave Cockrum

Giant Size X-Men: Tribute to Len Wein and Dave Cockrum

Url: Panini comics

Author : Marguerite Sauvage, Leinil Francis Yu, Mark Brooks, Phil Noto, Rod Reis, Stephen Segovia, Marcelo Ferreira, Matteo Lolli, Michael Del Mundo, Mike Hawthorne, Pepe Larraz, Kris Anka, Aaron Kuder, Iban Coello, Ramón Rosanas, David Baldeón, Carmen Ram

ISBN: 9788413347790

Number of pages : 112

Description : Forty-five years ago, a comic book changed the face of Marvel Comics forever. Len Wein and Dave Cockrum completely revamped The X-Men, replacing most of the teenage heroes with a brand new international cast! That legendary special took comic book fans by storm and set the series in a new direction, setting the stage for Chris Claremont to make them the most popular heroes in the Marvel Universe. Now, thirty-seven of Marvel’s greatest artists come together to recreate this epic tale, each redrawing a fast-paced page in homage to this masterpiece.

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