Triathlon | Olympics: Flora Duffy, gold for Bermuda under typhoon

Tokyo woke up under the inclement weather of the Typhoon Nepartak, and the weather conditions marked the triathlon. If in the male category it was the heat, for the female it would be the wet floor and a delay of 15 minutes. Under that difficult mixture Flora Duffy, a triathlete of Bermuda that closes a great palmars with the Olympic gold.

Flora Duffy showed her talent and favoritism (also two-time world champion) from the beginning of the section on foot. She was very well placed after swimming and cycling, but the acceleration that she decided to hit after the third change was what determined the gold. He put a rhythm that was impossible for Katie Zaferes, and no one could disturb her. Georgia Taylor-Brown It came up from behind after a bike puncture and seemed to have the necessary spark, but it didn’t take long enough from Bermuda.

The gold of Duffy is the first gold metal to Bermuda. A country that becomes the least populated in history (64,000 in 2019) with a gold medal in the Summer olympic games. In total, it is the second medal that the Caribbean country in its history after a bronze in boxing in 1976.

Next to Duffy they get on the Japanese podium Georgia Taylor-Brown Y Katie Zaferes. The Briton lost most of her chances by leaving 20 seconds after suffering a puncture on the rear wheel of her bike, but in the running section she shone and came back. The American, on the other hand, was perfectly placed after the first two sections, but did not have a competitive enough foot race pace to dream of gold.

It gives complicated for Casillas and Godoy

As it happened with the Triarmada the male, the female did not have her best day in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.Miriam Casillas finished in 21st place more than 6 minutes into Duffy. From the first bars of swimming, she was far from the top positions, although she always managed to settle in competitive positions.

Worst day suffered Anna Godoy. The triathlete of Barcelona she was forced to drop out after being bent before finishing the bike section. What Miriam Casillas He never held head positions and suffered first-hand from the harsh conditions that typhoon caused in triathlon.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, triathlon (F) | Flora Duffy takes a historic gold for Bermuda – Triathlon video

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