Trevor Bauer and Fernando Tatis Jr. show respect after a strikeout

The pitcher Trevor bauer struck out Fernando Tatis Jr. That’s when they both looked into each other’s eyes and made a gesture of respect in the middle of the game. MLB.

The rematch between Trevor bauer Y Fernando Tatis Jr.. it was highly anticipated after they both became lethal perreos in the last two series. However, Bauer won the first duel and instead of mocking, he did nothing more than a gesture of respect like the Dominican.

A great reaction was expected from Bauer, but he has surprised everyone by doing the opposite.

Here the video:

Trevor bauer He said there was nothing wrong with the things he did Fernando Tatis Jr. when he hit a home run or hit him, it didn’t feel like something humiliating either, but something that builds up the excitement of the game and makes it more entertaining.

Bauer was launching his first game under the extreme vigilance and rules established by the MLB To combat the use of banned substances in Major League Baseball, it has not yet been reviewed, but it is only a matter of time.

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