Trending products that you can start selling in 2021

It is estimated that the value of sales from e-commerce will triple this year to the figure registered in 2017.

Did you know that global orders for handheld accessories have grown 370.8 percent annually?

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The firm Kinsta highlights that the value of sales from e-commerce is estimated to triple this year to the figure registered in 2017, which amounted to 2.3 billion dollars. Given this, the opportunity that exists to undertake with internet sales and generate income stands out, even if you do not yet have a company or a manufactured product to sell. To meet this last challenge in particular, there are alternatives that can be used, for example, through dropshipping and with suppliers. If you are interested in starting to sell in this way, here we highlight some options of trending products that will be present in 2021.

According to different specialized platforms from the field of e-commece, these are some of the best product options that can be sold this year:

Floor mats

According to Shopify, rugs or mats are a first option. The support behind why this can be a great product option to sell is that the global growth of the orders of these has had an annual increase of 147.8 percent, while the global growth of the stores selling this product has been of 91.7 percent per year.

The reason behind the popularity of this product has to do with the pandemic because as people have spent more time in their homes they have resorted to elements like this to create a more comforting atmosphere, in addition to fulfilling the role for which they were created : keep dirt out of the house.

It should be noted that the demand is mainly for elegant, modern and comfortable rugs.

Containers for home

In the case of this type of product, it has been recorded that its global growth in terms of orders is 276.2 percent per year, while the growth of the stores that sell the product has been 115.64 percent, undoubtedly more interesting figures. than in the previous case.

The momentum in this case is also linked to the issue of the pandemic and that more people spend more time at home either working or studying. With this in mind, containers help people organize their articles or garments while being used as decoration depending on the style and place where they are being used.

Denim products

According to the Oberlo firm, this category of products is one that will remain in trend during the spring that is to come.

According to estimates from searches for the term in Google Trends, jackets and tops made of this material will be particularly the favorites of buyers, but that does not mean that other types of products, such as jeans, cannot be sold.

The source points out that the world will witness the demand for these products going even beyond spring, so you should take advantage as soon as possible.

Hair products

Following the estimates reflected from Google Trends, another category of products that will be popular this year is that of accessories or hair products.

According to the same source, there are at least 5 articles that this year and historically show upturns in interest on the part of the people. These items are: Laser epilators, bandanas, ionic hair brushes, wigs and barrettes. As these are products that, as in the previous case, have to do with the image, one way to boost their sales is in the development of campaigns with influencers.

Accessories for handheld devices

Finally, another great option can be accessories for equipment such as smartphones. The annual growth of the orders of these products has been 370.8 percent, while the growth of the stores has been 143 percent, also annually.

According to Shopify, these are articles that have consistently high profit margins. It is even striking that the market for these elements is massive, to the point where it is estimated that by 2026 it will have a value of 283.06 billion dollars.

Some of the products in the category are: batteries, headphones, speakers, chargers, cases, screen protectors and selfiesticks.