Trend or fail? Jennifer Garner covers herself from the cold with a blanket

Winter has not yet begun and actress Jennifer Garner went outside with a blanket to protect herself from the cold.

Without imagining it, Jennifer garner It has opened the door to what could become a trend: going out without pain and covered by a blanket; or for a poncho that looks like a blanket.

The actress and film producer who starred in “If I Had 30” in 2004, is working on details about her new residence in Brentwood Park.

That is why she attended the site accompanied by architect Steve Giannetti, who also designed Michelle Pfeiffer’s house.

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Comfortable and alert, Jennifer carried with her a blanket, which she used to protect herself from the low temperatures that have been perceived in Brentwood for a few weeks, as well as her mask, which she kept on all the time.

The famous ones dedicate to the bandanas and scarves as the fashionable mask

Gone are the debates about whether it is better to wear a coat, jacket or trench coat to cover yourself from the cold, Jen has made it clear that blankets and ponchos are today’s thing to obtain a casual look.

It should be noted that your choice of colors is quite “safe”, as there is no way to go wrong with the cozy styling of a double-sided shawl.

Jennifer had the delicacy to select this garment in taupe, which although it is not entirely striking, is recognized as a sober tone and that also combines with everything.

Her outfit was completed with denim jeans and white sneakers with suede and leather applications.

From different angles, his choice of poncho was a perfect match with the sharp sides of his footwear.

These are some of the star’s daily moments that we will soon see in the series “The Adam Project” for Netflix, where she will share credits with Zoe saldana and Ryan Reynolds.