Tremendous delicacy! They filter photos of Yanet García and her OnlyFans

Tremendous delicacy! Filtered photos of Yanet García and her OnlyFans | Instagram

The beautiful ex weather girl, Yanet García, a couple of weeks ago he joined the world of the great OnlyFans platform and lets you see much more, however and obviously charges for it, but here we bring you good news.

As you can see, Yanet García is one of the presenters of the most recognized climate at the national level and this is thanks for your excellent work, in addition to your exuberant beauty.

This is how García’s s3nsual1dad has led her to be part of recognized magazine covers and to be the sensation totally on the Instagram social network of more than one gentleman.

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As is well known, the so-called ‘Weather Girl’ recently opened her ‘OnlyFans‘, site where he shares exclusive images and videos of a s3nsu9l nature and it was on that platform where he shared the photograph that we are about to show you.

In it we can appreciate her while she is lying on the bed and she lets us see in the foreground her enormous and juicy charms without any garment.


On the other hand, in previous days, the host presumed that she would be in New York City in a very special location to create content for this account that she just opened and with which she surprised her millions of followers, since for months they asked for his presence on the platform.

This is how García presented the location in a video, an apartment located in the vicinity of Central Park, in addition to showing off the gift left by her boyfriend, Lewis Howes.

The truth is that nowadays, the topic of opening an OnlyFans account has taken over the conversation, since there have already been quite a few success stories that have gone viral in the world of social networks about undertaking on this platform that to this day continues to generate conflicting opinions in society.

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It should be remembered that OnlyFans is a social network that became relevant during the health contingency and in which users subscribe to be able to enjoy photos and videos of their favorite creators, which may include somewhat risque content.

This is how in his official Instagram account, Yanet has shared the hottest photos that together with photographer Diego Alanís is preparing for his OnlyFans account.

And while the beauty of Yanet García once again brought him good comments and compliments, the truth is that many of his followers eagerly await this exclusive Yanet García content.

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In addition, the famous “Weather Girl” is not the only woman in the entertainment industry who shares this type of material as María Levy, Bella Thorne, Cardi B, among many others are also part of OnlyFans

Yanet is so well known that she has attracted the attention of various brands that have closed business with her as an influencer.

As she describes herself on her mainnet, she is a model, actress, TV host, influencer, and official Fitplan app trainer.

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Yanet Cristal García San Miguel, or simply Yanet García, was born on November 14, 1990 and her career began in Monterrey (Nuevo León), her hometown.

From her earliest memories, she always dreamed of being part of television and show business, as she greatly admired the sense of inspiring many people, demonstrating that based on discipline, anything is possible.

In 2013 he participated in the casting of Nuestra Belleza Nuevo León, which is the previous contest to the national contest Nuestra Belleza México, but was unlucky.

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