Tremblay finally wins, PSG ensures Chartres

While Tremblay signed on the floor of Chambéry his first success of the season in Lidl Starligue, PSG continued its march forward by winning on the floor of Chartres.

In Lidl Starligue, PSG is impermeable to pressure. While Montpellier, winner of Ivry this Friday, returned to four points, the six-time champion of France responded without forcing his talent. Traveling on the floor of Chartres, players Raul Gonzalez Gutierrez have signed a fifteenth success in as many league games this season. If the Chartrains very early took two goals in advance thanks to Titouan Afanou Gatine (2 goals on 6 shots), Nedim Remili (5 goals from 7 shots) and Luc Steins (5 goals from 5 shots) put PSG in the right direction.

Two goals which in fact launched a 6-0 for the Parisians who took the lead in the score. Until half-time, Vanja Ilic’s teammates (6 goals on 9 shots) were able to keep the gap below the five-goal mark, joining their locker room with only three lengths behind. But the Parisians, led by Elohim Prandi (11 goals from 12 shots) went on the attack from the start of the second act. With a quarter of an hour from the end of the meeting, thanks to three consecutive goals, Chartres returned to five goals before sinking in a disheveled end of the match. In the end, PSG won ten goals (29-39) and regained their ease in the standings.

Tremblay, first!

After twelve defeats and a draw, Tremblay’s players were finally able to leave a Lidl Starligue floor with a smile. On the occasion of a trip to Chambéry, which remained on three consecutive victories in the league, the teammates of the future Nantes player Pedro Portela (9 goals on 11 shots) signed their first success of the season. If the Chambériens took the best start, a 3-0 signed Bakary Diallo (1 goal on 1 shot), Etienne Mocquais (5 goals on 9 shots) and Mohamed Soussi (1 goal on 2 shots) allowed Tremblay to pass in front in the score to count three goals in advance at half-time.

A new equivalent series ten minutes after the break allowed the Ile-de-France residents to keep their hand on the scoreboard, Patrice Annonay (10 saves at 33% efficiency) keeping watch in the Tremblaysian goal. If Chambéry finished strong with two goals from Arthur Anquetil (3 goals on 3 shots) and Demis Grigoras (3 goals on 4 shots) in the last minute, it was Tremblay who won by two lengths (25-27 ) and comes back to one point from Créteil and four from Ivry, both beaten this Friday. For the Savoyards, it’s a halt with the Top 5 that escapes.

Thursday, February 18, 2021
Cesson-Rennes – Istres : 26-27

Friday 19 February 2021
Creteil – Nimes : 26-29
Limoges – Saint-Raphaël: 31-29
Montpellier – Ivry: 34-26

Saturday 20 February 2021
Chambery – Tremblay : 25-27
Chartres – PSG : 29-39.

Sunday February 21, 2021
5:00 p.m .: Nantes – Aix

Postponed to a later date
Dunkirk – Toulouse