Tregren: plant a kitchen garden (or bedroom)

This Finnish company proposes that you plant flowers, spices and / or vegetables inside your home. Even for self-consumption.

Tregren is a company specialized in so-called home gardens, capable of developing its own plants outside but inside a home. Its catalog includes different types of ‘pots’ with the common denominator of a connected and automated operation, and that are based on hydroponic cultivation, that is, it dispenses with soil.

Gadget Lab Plantation

We are testing the Tregren T3 model, which gives hospitality to six floors; in our case, four different types of lettuce and two basil. The previous preparation has consisted of filling the internal tank with water and placing a series of coconut fiber pods in the upper tray (one per plant) and placing the seeds on them. Next, we have connected the equipment to the mobile through its dedicated application, in which you have to specify the species or species planted. This app takes care of ordering the planter to provide water when necessary and regulating the light from the arm-lamp, which emulates the Sun.

It should be noted that this system also admits the option of placing mini-pots with already developed plants, as well as that both herbs and leafy plants or fruit and flowers can be grown. Since the conditions of water (self-watering) and light (permanent ‘solar’ lamp) are perfect, the plants take less than half the time to germinate, grow and develop than in a standard outdoor crop … That’s what it promises the company.

And it is that when we write these lines, two weeks after its ‘start-up’, indeed the seeds have germinated and different stems are being erected; from time to time we hear how the water pump waters the base and that the light came on within the expected time, ten days after the seeds were deposited. Since then, our participation has been limited to filling and / or changing the water in the tank (the app alerts you), and adding the nutrients when necessary (the pods, seeds and nutrients are marketed by the company itself).

Here is a photo gallery with the evolution of the Gadget Lab garden. As the weeks go by, we will include photos with its evolution.

February 4, 2021February 14, 2021February 23, 2021 – We warn that one of the four lettuces has finally not germinated

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