Traveling influencer Lee MacMillan takes her own life after depression

Traveling influencer Lee MacMillan takes her own life after depression (INSTAGRAM)

Traveling influencer Lee MacMillan takes her own life after depression | INSTAGRAM

The recognized 28-year-oldLee MacMillan, who had previously been trending by transforming his van to travel in it with his then-partner Max Bidstrup and their dog, took his own life after a tough fight against depression, a condition he had been dealing with since before beginning his public life last year.

After being reported as a disappeared person on March 26, the authorities of Saint Barbara in California, USA, they reported that the body of the famous woman had been found on the tracks of a train.

The news has shocked and paralyzed the entertainment world completely in the United States, as well as its followers and the general audience in the infinite world of the internet.

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“Unfortunately, the Santa Barbara coroner confirmed today that the missing woman was the previously unidentified woman, in the train death that occurred on March 26, 2021 near Hollister and State St,” the California Police Department wrote in a statement. Santa Barbara, from its social media.

Similarly, through a message on Instagram from the official account of the aforementioned traveling influencer, Lee MacMillan, Max Bidstrup himself confirmed that the loss of his girlfriend until January 2020, had been an attack on her herself, which she committed on the very day she disappeared.

The emotional and heartbreaking message begins this way: “After living an extraordinary life and fighting a valiant battle with depression, our hearts are broken to share that Lee took his own life on Friday. She was the brightest light, a magnetic force of nature and many loved her ”.

In addition, Max Bidstrup took the opportunity to call on all Internet users to take care of their mental health, which stressed that it is just as important as physical health, stating that, if he could have done something, he would undoubtedly do it, although Now it is too late.

“If there is anything we can do for Lee now, in the midst of this devastating loss, it is to spread the message that mental health is as real as physical health, and that illness can affect anyone, no matter how unlikely it may seem. It is okay not to be well, it is okay to ask for help, it is absolutely necessary to ask for help, ”the aforementioned publication reads.

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The unpleasant event has completely shocked Internet users, because, from the girl’s Instagram profile, a huge number of messages can be seen saying goodbye to her and regretting the fact, whether or not they are fans of Lee.

It should be noted that Jordan Chiu, who was MacMillan’s current partner, also dedicated a few words to his late girlfriend, whom he assured, that he will always love and hopes that he is in a better place.

“You were a dream beyond my wildest dreams. You filled my heart to bursting and stretched it more than I ever imagined possible. You were my person, my partner, my best friend. Every day with you was an adventure and I hope that wherever you are you have found peace and cuddles. Rest calm puppy. I love you more than you will ever know, ”he wrote disconsolately.

Without a doubt, a regrettable loss, we hope that he is in a better place and finds the peace that he did not find on this plane, and we sincerely wish his relatives soon resignation.