The governor Wanda Vázquez Garced announced on Tuesday the new rules for travelers arriving in the country, in an effort to coronavirus (COVID-19). They will take effect on July 15.

Here are the instructions to passengers for both domestic and international flights:

Compulsory the use of masks at the airport Passengers must arrive in Puerto Rico with evidence of negative molecular test results, of no more than 72 hours Passengers who do not have a result will be required to quarantine for 14 days or until they present a negative molecular test Throw negative test serology does not exempt from quarantine As a requirement, all passengers must fill out information sheet from the Department of Health

Read the Executive Order here.

If they do not have evidence, they will have to serve two weeks of quarantine | Those who violate the Executive Order could face fines and even jail.

Read the press release:

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced announced that she will sign Executive Order 2020-052 effective July 15 to establish the new regulations that will apply at airports for all passengers arriving on the island, which includes mandatory quarantine and completing a form. of information to monitor your health status.

“All the measures we have taken since March have been with the purpose of saving lives of all of us who live in Puerto Rico. Specifically at airports, we cannot let our guard down. We know that physical distancing has been one of the most difficult aspects in the midst of this situation and many want to come and share with their loved ones, but we must take the appropriate precautions to avoid infecting others, “said the governor.

Vázquez Garced stressed that it is mandatory for all passengers to wear a mask or scarf that covers the nose and mouth area upon arrival in Puerto Rico, both at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, Rafael Hernández International Airport and Mercedita International Airport.

Likewise, it will be mandatory to bring the travel declaration and a SARS-CoV2 qualified molecular negative COVID-19 test carried out within 72 hours prior to arrival.

If you do not bring the test result, you must go through the screening process established at the airport to perform the quick test. If positive, the molecular test will be performed. While waiting for the results, you must remain in quarantine.

If a positive result is shown, the passenger must remain in quarantine for 14 days and will be responsible for assuming the medical and extension costs of their stay, since the traveler must remain in isolation until the Health Department so determines.

Every person will be considered with reasonable suspicion of having been exposed to COVID-19. If you do not bring the test and do not agree to submit to the test on the island, you must remain in quarantine for a period of 14 days or for the duration of your stay in Puerto Rico, whichever is shorter, at your cost.

Aviation mechanics and flight crew members who will not remain in Puerto Rico for a period of 72 hours will be exempt from quarantine. Other exempts are activated military, federal agents, or others authorized by the Secretary of Health.

However, in all exceptional circumstances, they must: complete the corresponding travel declaration in terms of personal and contact information, for proper follow-up and monitoring by the Department of Health; Comply with all orders, instructions, protocols and requests for information issued by the Department of Health, the National Guard and any other government entity concerned, which will be electronically interconnected with Aerostar and the Department of Health.

The Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González, indicated that they will establish a process of surveillance of travelers, both electronic and face-to-face. For this, around 350 additional people will be hiring, and an investment was made in technological infrastructure, including 200 computers and 300 cell phones. Similarly, Quest was contracted for $ 7.5 million for 100,000 molecular tests to be used in this effort.

“As you know, the government of Puerto Rico cannot control air traffic, so we cannot close or control the number of flights and / or passengers. But we have the power and the obligation to protect all of us who live here, and that is why we are implementing these measures to prevent further contagion, “added the first executive.

The National Guard, in coordination with the Department of Health, the Ports Authority, the Department of Public Security and any other governmental entity that it deems pertinent, shall take the necessary measures to implement the provisions of this Order.

The Tourism Company will establish communication with travel agencies and airlines for collaboration in duly notifying passengers of the requirements to travel to Puerto Rico, and Discover Puerto Rico will integrate its promotional efforts abroad on its information page. . An Internet portal will be established with more information and with the travel declaration, which will be published later by the agencies concerned.

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