Transfer markets | Messi, Odegaard, Eriksen and Varane, names of the day

Leo Messi has spent a summer of everything but calm. He won the Copa América with Argentina and I know that he had a burden that the Argentine had been accumulating for a long time. Now the next thing that comes to him is his renewal with Barcelona. The footballer reached an agreement with the Catalans, but the League does not allow Messi to register for the moment, although it seems that next week he could close his renewal and sign his new contract.

Leo Messi (Barcelona)

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There is a novelty that can accelerate the process, which is what the ‘Sports World’ reports this Thursday, Joan Laporta will stay in Barcelona and will not travel with Barça to the Germany stage This indicates that the Blaugrana president has taken Messi’s renewal very seriously and wants to carry out contacts himself with Leo’s agent, Jorge Messi, and the League to close the deal this week.


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Odergaard doubts with staying at Real Madrid

The Norwegian player has had a good season with Arsenal and Ancelotti wants him to stay. Oderggard is not sure what to do this summer and many European clubs are interested in taking over the offensive midfielder.

Martin Odegaard in action with Arsenal.

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As reported by ‘SkySports’, the Premier is pending the decision of the footballer and Arsenal seems the best placed to try his signing after the Norwegian’s past in the English club. What is not clear is that if Odergaard exits, he would do so through a transfer or loan.

Eriksen heads to Milan

The footballer who suffered a heart problem in the first match of the Eurocup with Denmark. It was not very clear what he was going to do, since it was not known if the midfielder was going to return to his club and try to return to a pitch.

Eriksen with Inter Milan.

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What is going to happen as ‘Sky Italia’ progresses is that Eriksen is going to travel to Milan next week to meet with Inter’s medical team and undergo medical tests to determine his physical condition and thus resolve his future with the team. Italian.

Varane, a possible United ally in the Pogba operation

The center-back that one of the Manchester United signings this summer has found in Varane a possible partner. The newspaper ‘As’ tells that Varane could be the key piece so that Paul Pogba does not go to PSG and ends up staying in the English team. Being colleagues in the French team with which they won the 2018 World Cup and good friends (as they demonstrated after sharing a video call on Instagram) may be the arguments of the ‘Red Devils’ to make Pogba stay.

Paul Pogba and Raphael Varane playing for France.

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