It is not a simple operation, but it is interesting, at least at the desk of the entrepreneurs who would be managing it.

The interest exists. Gareth Bale’s own agent assured that his desire is to return to Tottenham, where he acquired world fame. And that, although not definitive, is not cool to hear for a Manchester United that, according to the versions of the British press, had it very on the radar if the transfer of Jadon Sancho were complicated, as it is happening.

Bale, who is not good for queuing, would have gotten tired of seeing few signals and would have sent his own signals to none other than José Mourinho. And what would the current manager of the North London club think? That is the missing piece of the puzzle. But watch the theory: a veteran like Bale arrives, without the need for adaptation, hungry for revenge, an extreme like few in the world, beyond Zidane’s ‘ninguneo’ in Real Madrid. And what does ‘Mou’ have? A Dele Alli who has grown tired of criticizing, in public and in private, and whom he has called lazy and lazy to help in the branding task. How could you not like the idea!

Polls in British media are the order of the day: Who do you think would win or lose in a Bale-Dele Alli exchange? The latter, without a doubt, would shake off the antipathy of a DT who seems to have condemned him, would go to a stellar team but full of internal competition and will also require adaptation.

Two details to consider in the operation. First, Tottenham is not going to lose just a 24-year-old player to stay with a 31-year-old-who also in the past already took out almost 100 million-, but also he will not tolerate a salary like the one he earns in Madrid, which is around 20 million per season. Second, from Spain, they would be delighted to get rid of Bale’s mess by sending him to his football and his surroundings, but also the potential of the British would fall in pearls and more than anything his salary of 3 million euros per year, which would be very affordable .