Transfer market | The great performances of Kubo, Ceballos and Richarlison in the Games hope to Madrid

The Olympic men’s football competition has started and has left three very positive news for Real Madrid. Dani ceballos He left a very good feeling against Egypt before an injury forced him to leave the game prematurely. Kubo He led his team and Japan took the victory against South Africa thanks to a goal from him. Richarlison, claimed by Ancelotti after his time at Everton, he was the name of the day with three goals against Germany.


Ceballos, an unexpected joy in the center of the field

Transfer market

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After his passage, with more shadows than lights, by Arsenal, the hopes that Dani Ceballos would be an important piece for the center of the new white project were scarce.

However, the deployment of the Utreran during the first half of Egypt-Spain was a pleasant surprise for Real Madrid. Dani was that again player with spark and magic, with risky but efficient passes, which is capable of carrying the weight of the engine room and unbalance a match when it seems stuck.

A very hard tackle prevented the white player from playing the second half, but the minutes he left on the Sapporo grass are very positive for the white entity, which may have in it an unexpected summer reinforcement.

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Kubo, unbalancing and unafraid of chevrons

Takefusa Kubo is another player who left a lot of questions last season. After not curdling at Villarreal de Emery, he went to Getafe de Bordalás in search of minutes. But the Japanese, although he had more presence than in the Yellow Submarine, was far from being the undisputed starter.

However, the young extreme seems to turn into another when he plays for his national team. He arms himself with all the confidence that he seems not to find in LaLiga to lead his team and be decisive, as he has already been against South Africa.

The Japanese was the one who generated the most danger and the most football proposed from his team. He scored the winning goal and showed Ancelotti that is ready for the challenge of fighting for minutes in a Real Madrid lacking offensive potential.

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Richarlison, the so-called white who astonished in Yokohama

Richarlison has shown to the Olympic world what he can do with a ball at his feet. The Brazilian has practically sentenced Germany with three goals in the first half and has left details, such as giving up a penalty shot that could have been his fourth goal, superclass.

The attacker had already shown the level he has at Everton, where he has become one of the stars of the Premier League after a lot of work and perseverance. Since he landed in the Liverpool team, three seasons ago, he has managed to score 13, 13 and 7 goals respectively.

In addition, Ancelotti has ended up exploiting a facet a lot more colorful and associative of the scorer, turning him into something more. The Italian has managed, as he did with James at Real Madrid, to enhance the Brazilian’s class and bring out his virtues so that he can play the role midfielder, also fallen to the band, false striker and forward.

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The arrival of ‘Carletto’ to the white team brought with it the imminent speculation of the possible signing of Richarlison by Madrid, since this had been one of the trusted players from the transalpine in his last adventure in England.

From the British media it was noted that Ancelotti himself had contacted the tip by telephone to have him for his new superproject.

However, the player’s market value is about 55 million euros, and, with the economic efforts of the Chamartín entity focused on bringing Mbappé this summer, the operation seems complicated if the Frenchman ends up disembarking at the Santiago Bernabéu.



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